Heavy as a rock,hard as a metal

I went with a tiare,rather than a flower! I was feeling a bit Priscilla,Queen of the Desert meets Sophia Loren.I really fancied glamming it up,and going hell bent for leather with the makeup!
These eyelashes are amazing.Justine bought us a pair each when we were doing a (sort of)cabaret act a year or so ago,called The Vulvareens.They are insanely heavy.Someone asked me last night if they were comfortable-no!!They are not!!!

It was a low key night,as it turned out.Not a huge crowd.The support band,Lunger,did covers,and weren't bad.Such delights as The Damned "New Rose",Devo "Gates of Steel"and even Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff!!(Metal style!!)They finished with Motorhead's "Bomber",but fecked that up!!
Sabotage,the Black Sabbath tribute band,were quite good.It was great to be out;as I have previously said,I can't remember the last time I went out!!To a band,anyhow!I enjoyed myself,didn't get too tiddled,and even managed to stay up til 1am!!(It was a struggle)Then it was into bed with Boris and cheese toasties,and I woke up with Boris in the bed with me,half on my pillow,his face up to mine.Little cutie.And no hangover!Hurrah!!!
So tonight we are off to Kaipoi,a satellite suburb just a little north of here.We have some friends who live out there,so we are going to stay the night,and go to a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant for dinner.It's a fave with us,and we haven't been there for a while.There will be some booze involved,o yes! I must sound like such a boozehag!And I pretty much am!
So ladylike!!
Gloves-Plume about 20 years ago
Shoes-can't remember
Handbag-opshopped,vintage,with a cute rosette made by me with a button of the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret.(Found the button at a market years ago.)
Ew,Boris just got up next to me,reeking of catfood.
I had forgotten I had this handbag!!First time I've used it!
Thanks for the well wishes,all,I am doing well and am on the mend!I will make time for blogging no matter what,cos I love doing it.It may seem trivial,or frivolous,but who cares!!!


CalamityJem said...

Wow, check you out gal!
What an awesomely awesome outfit...I LOVE IT!
Those eyelashes are killers & I adore the little crown hair thingy.

TartyMiss said...

Boris has a big fluffy bum

Alex said...

Good heavens, those eyelashes are amazing!

I love how bold all your outfits are and this one is so eye catching it's brilliant. Fab shoes too!

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh my god! Did you steal the show or what? Absolutely fabulous effort, my dear girl! I've been lusting after some peacock lashes for a while, I'm definately gonna treat myself now as those beauties look super-dooper on you.
Glad you had a great night, well done for the late hour and for getting Boris into bed with you.
"Holy Cow", I've read that book twice, she really made me laugh with her big boobie fixation. I'm off to search for "Slow Train To Milan" as soon as I've typed this.
Enjoy your day in Kaipoi. I'm fresh back from the jumble and can't wait to check out my booty.

Helga said...

Aren't those eyelashes just incredible!!!I have a bit of a thing for eyelashes,and a small collection.I just don't wear them often enough!