Hooray for Saturday

I really enjoy Saturdays,but I fucking hate it when people piss around in the supermarket!!!
G and I popped out to grab a couple of necessities,and both of us were grumbling as we tried to efficiently collect those 5 items and get the fuck out of there!!What IS it about supermarkets and the switching off of the brain?!Usually I like to do groceries early in the morning or late at night,to avoid the crowds of dumb animals.But occassionally it cannot be avoided.Now,if I'm feeling cruisey,and have plenty of time,I can be amused by it.But when I really just want to get it done and get on with the rest of my day,I start to get a little violent!
Rant over.
I am going to go out for coffee with the very pregnant Justine later,then not too sure.We have band practice tonight,and I intend to get plonked and have a jolly fine time.
What's everyone else doing tonight??
Frock-made by me
Cardi-maybe Farmers?
Tights-Trade Me
Handbag-50's,I think,and opshopped.
Cleavage-courtesy of my Mother.


CalamityJem said...

I love your handbag, it's sweeeet!

Vintage Vixen said...

Mighty fine cleavage, if you don't mind me saying so.
Loving the white tights, really pull the outfit together a treat and gotta agree with my pal, Jem, that bag is indeed sweet.
Hate supermarket shopping, but quite enjoy tripping annoying children up (accidentally -on-purpose).
Tonight should be a treat, there's a gang of us taking a bus for a pub tour of the Black Country. It's an area about 6 miles away but about 60 years behind the times, dingy old boozers, sawdust on the floor, no music, flat caps and dogs but great ale (and cheap). Tomorrow I'll be looking more mangy fox than vintage vixen.
Have a fab time, darlin'!

Michelle said...

I'm with Vix - good work with the uplift!! So jealous ;)