Hooray Highland Fling!

I'm sure I should be prancing around,waving a hanky over my head in this frock.
This is the other costume I got at the Musical Society sale I went to the other week.It isn't very well made,but who am I to criticise?!I love the colour,the pleats are cute,

And the chest enhancing felt score across the front is rather pleasant.

I wonder what production it was used in?Shame there weren't more costumes at the sale.But it seems they just have an annual to clear out all stuff that gets donated that they just can't use.
I must get a snap of the lovely 30's burgundy crepe frock that was amongst my pile.It's in quite good nick,apart from no hem.I had such an enormous armful as I staggered around the hall where the sale was held that my arms were in pain.A nice lady took pity on me and gave me a box.I went with $60-courtesy of G-and spent the lot.Yay!
I can't wait until their next sale!Luckily my friend Nicole works in a costume hire shop,and will be amongst the first to know when it's sale time!


Vintage Vixen said...

What a fabulous frock! Love the colour and the groovy notes.
Your house looks so cool, love the paint job.
PS That tall green bottle was my mum's 21st pressie back in 1963. I got it passed on to me when I was 21.

Helga said...

What a wonderful heirloom that bottle is!!

CalamityJem said...

Hi Helga,
That's an awesome dress & I love how you've styled it!

Helga said...

Thanks Calamity!!Thanks for coming on board to play!

Loulou said...

That dress is really cute, especially the music score - styling it with whalenets was a great move!

Disco Goth said...

Fab dress, fab colour!


Helga said...

Yay,thanks ladies!!You're all awesome!