More Hanging with Heidi!

We invited Justine and Mikel over for dinner last night, and decided we would dress up. Heidi is looking very Kate Beckinsale (I think) in a red 70's number from my stash that is too small for me, opshopped at a whole $1 a while back, so I had to have it despite the small size. Unseen, dammit, are some black 70's platforms that are also too small for me! Plus she is wearing a necklace I bought around 20 years ago in a Dunedin antique shop. It's just junk metal, but I love the style of it.
G is looking rock & roll in a shirt from Bangkok, PVC pants from a garage sale, and doc's from Sydney.

I am pinked to the max in a 70's frock, opshopped, with scary platforms from Bangkok, bought about 6 years ago.
I have only worn them 3 times, as the first time I wore them to a party I nearly broke my ankle!!!
I like to say that I was born to wear platforms, but these ones are rather challenging!!

We have a bit of a glow on due to a couple of pre-dinner wines....

My beloved Justine is about to pounce on her dinner!
(Chicken enchiladas,Mexican rice, an avocado and corn salad.)
Well,she is eating for two!
Boris is looking very scary and Gollum-like in the foreground.......

Post dinner we topped up on more red wine in the lounge.Except for Justine,who is very keen to have a yummy Pinot Gris once she has given birth.

Today we went for a picnic by the Avon river. This spot is just down the road from us.
We were in luck; just as we got there, loads of vintage cars were driving around on the other side of the river! There was a charity rally on, apparently, and there were some gorgeous cars, from old English to old Japanese, Italian and American.....drool!!!

Bubbly and treats!

Frock, cardi, petticoat-opshopped
I'm quite excited that Loulou has actually been to Christchurch, and was in fact based at Rangoon (Rangiora), which is just 1/2 an hour or so away!!
It is quite comforting to know that someone out there in blog land is familiar with these sights!
I had to have a nap after this. It was such a hot day, and snacks and bubbly made me sooo sleepy!!
Tomorrow Heidi is off to Mt Cook, and then a bit of travelling around. We will see her again in just over a week! If anyone is curious about her travels,you can have a nosy at heidiontour , her travel blog.


Alex said...

Oh I am smitten with the green skirt & stripy socks combo!

*waves at Boris* Gotta love a photo with a looming cat in, haven't you? :)

giddynici said...

Found you through Alex and Vix and thought I'd have a nosy.

I'm with Alex the skirt and socks combo is brill. And my goodness I'd have an accident in a heartbeat in those shoes... they are amazing though. x

Loulou said...

The frock, petticoat and boots combo is so awesome. I love seeing the sights in your photos. :)

Vintage Vixen said...

I love it all! You and Heidi look so fabulous in your maxis that I wanna jump on a plane right now and join you to be the maxi wielding triplets.

Disco Goth said...

Stripy socks and boots = winner! I always hide mine under longer skirts, don't know why, it looks fab! xx

Helga said...

Boris is kind of looming in that pic,isn't he?!He's a funny boy!
Thanks for the lovely comments-stripey socks are always a winner,aren't they?!You just can't go wrong!!
yeah,Vix,maxi weilding triplets ahoy!Dang,why are you so far away?!x