No Genies in these bottles!

I swear,Vix and I are from the same mould........
This is our collection of vintage glass bottles.I had always thought they were a real 70's thing,but apparently they are ealier than that.I haven't done a lot of research,but G and I have found out that they are actually a 50's/60's thing.
We have picked these up at various places all over the South Island.I think one little one we found in Auckland.Prices have varied between $2 up to $65-I think the big blue one was the most expensive.One was a gift from G's mum.They are such a colourful delight,and fit really well on the lounge windowsill.There is not much room for many more,but then,we've only seen 1 in recent times,and it was $95!!!Piss off,spotty!!!
The bugger is that cleaning them is a painfully slow business-luckily G is the housework bitch around here and is up to the task!!!
* I am currently watching "Goodbye,Mr Chips",the 1969 version with Peter O'Toole and Petula Clarke.I'm not really enjoying it.What I did enjoy was Boris trying to get on my lap a few minutes ago-I am snuggled on the couch with a big purple blanket-and he didn't quite make it.When I laughed,he gave me such a look!!!


Vintage Vixen said...

Scarier and scarier, what a magnifique collection! I questioned my mother yesterday and she swore blind that she'd only given birth to one daughter.
Like you, I'm a domestic slattern. J does all the housework round these parts and only when the cat fluff and general filth get too much to handle.
I was watching "Mutiny On The Buses" yesterday. Sexist, cheesy crap but the clothes, cars and dear old Olive just rock!
Can't wait to find out what else we have in common!

Helga said...

Domstic Slattern-I like it!!!