A Small Sample

This is the contents from one (slightly overloaded) of my eleven crates of shoes and boots.Most of these,except the silver ones with the pink ribbons,I wear quite frequently.
G built a shelf for me that holds 7 crates,the other 4 are stacked up beside my big chest of drawers.There is also a pair of Doc's,a pair of tramping boots, a pair of sneakers and a spare pair of black boots that just hang out under my clothes rack.
I love shoes!


Sak said...

I too love shoes , bags and never tired of buying a new one..love ur shoes!!!

Queenie said...

I love shoes too...I frequently have a clear out though and often wish I hadn't! I'd love to see the other 10 crates :) xx

Roo Paprika said...

eleven crates?! Eleven crates?! There are some peeptoed beauties in that one alone xx

Alex said...

Oooh, shoes! I vote you wear the silver ones more often, they're fab.

Vintage Vixen said...

I love your shoes! Those silver beauties are tremendous as are the green ones, orange ones, black ones, red ones and pink ones! Can't wait to see more.
Good ol' G with his inventions, please post a photo so's Jon can copy.
Oh, today was a dream come true, so great to have a chat.
Speak soon, Helga dearest!

Disco Goth said...

I think my favourites are the silver ones, you should wear them more.
You have Pulp shoes - designed by Jarvis Cocker by any chance?!
when do we get to see all the others?


giddynici said...

Shoe heaven! I really like the red/burgandy ones on the top row. x

Helga said...

Interesting that the silver shoes got a lot of attention!! I will certainly trot them out soon!!Ha-the Pulp shoes are a brand sold through Hannah's shoe shops.And yes,I will slowly display all crates of joyousness!!!Maybe 1 a week?