Some views from our home 1

We are crazy for colour!We call our style of interior decorationg "Indicana" or "Mexidian",as our primary inspirations are Mexico and Indian interiors.We also really love South East Asian styles.
The retro tins are mostly from Retropolitan,and one is from Madame Butterfly's.The scales and clock are from G's family,the mugs are mostly made by me-and a bit wobbly!!I'm not very good on the wheel.
Some tin from San Cristobal de las Casas.

Looking towards the dining room,just to the right of the back door.Cross from San Cristobal,hanging glass lantern from Istanbul,red garland from Traat,Thailand.

We painted the wine rack,the flower lights are from Thailand and they look so pretty when turned on!!We try to keep the wine rack well stocked.
The pottery urn thingy is from Turkey,the puppet is from Indonesia-G spent 8 or so months travelling through Indonesia,Malaysia & Thailand in 1990/91,before we ever met,the standing buddha is from Luang Prabang,and I made the "altar"he is standing in.

A corner of the dining room.G and I made the roman blind from fabric sourced in Thailand,the garland is from Traat,the cornucopia on the fruit bowl was made by me.The plant is an African Milk Tree-can't plant it outside,it just gets too cold and frosty here.
We consider our home to be the never ending art project!!!It's great fun,and one of our fave things to do is to have a Cosmopolitan Sunday and work on a project.Last time we did that,G stuck some lino tiles on the bathroom floor,I kept pouring the cosmopolitans,and how on earth G managed to do a decent job I will never know! I was well and truly passed out by the time he finished it.We make a good team!!!
We are currently working on the back deck;the newly red french doors have featured a lot in my frock posts lately.I have been assigned the task of painting all supporting beams black-it's a long process!


Vintage Vixen said...

I love all of it and want to move in!!!! Your house looks like a funky hacienda. Sadly those colours just don't work in our climate.
Loving the handmade pottery, doesn't look wonky to me, you clever thing, you.
I've got an identical puppet I bought in Lombok back in the 90's. It spooks everyone who visits.
Loving the idea of a cosmopolitan sunday, booze and DIY make for the most bizzare ideas.
Black Sabbath in London? Now there's a gig. Ozzy's from my neck of the woods.

Helga said...

You know,our puppet once literally leapt at me.Freaked the hell out of me!!Trust you to have an identical one!!
So Ozzy is from your area?Sabbath with Ozzy is,of course,the best,but Dio ain't half bad!!
I DO quite like wonky pottery.Adds character and individuality.I mostly do slab and moluding work,as I get irritable on the wheel!!I once did it drunk,that was fun.And messy!!!
Sweetie,one day you and I will have a cosmopolitan sunday,and if you're lucky,I'll show you my DIY tools!!HA!

belle in arms said...

Thank you for complementing on my writing. Your comment made me smile :)I love your home, all the colours are fantastic. what a vibrating atmosphere.

Disco Goth said...

I long for the day when I have a house I can decorate as I want, I'm renting and not even allowed to but a picture up...
Your house is beautiful


Helga said...

Thanks,Belle and Disco Goth for the lovely compliments!
Having our own house to do whatever we want with is freaking fantastic!!!

CalamityJem said...

Wow, you have a FUNKY home!
I love the warm, happy & inviting! We're quite lucky with our landlady cause she doesn't mind what we do in the house as long as we pay the rent & don't knock any walls down ;)