Some views from our home 2

My bookcase.The baskets on the top are loaded with bags.I've added a few more since this photo was taken!
These drawers in the bedroom once belonged to G's Aunt Mary,and he has lovingly restored them.The Apsara is from Siem Reap,and G takes care of the flower arranging-he has a knack for it!!
The bedroom on a rare tidy day.There isn't a lot in it,as I have allergies,and am also allergic to dusting!!
The foyer.The painting is by a lass I used to know.The pottery cornucopias are by me,the stand is opshopped and done up by G.
I once attended a "scrapbooking on canvas" class,and this is what I made.He resides in the bedroom.

Looking in the doorway of my sewing/dressing room.The red shoes are from a stripper shop in Vegas-I have matching nipple tassles too!!LOL!!Only wore them once.The girls aren't perky enough to do them justice.And I can't twirl them like Elvira,dammit.
The black bag was given to me by G's Mum,and is 50's-I customised it.Sacrilege!!!But it was really ugly before I painted it and stuck things on it!!I love the little opshopped rubbish bin at the bottom.
I'm off to finish the duvet I am making for Justine's baby! :)


Vintage Vixen said...

What gorgeous THINGS and such fabby bright colours! I've been clicking on the photos to have an even better view of the contents of your bookshelves and bits and pieces. Loving the Ganesh picture, the chubby little mischief maker is my fave Hindu deity.
The strippers shoes are crazy and I love what you've done to G's mum's bag. I had a bin like that ages ago and lost it when we moved, I've been looking for something similiar for donkey's years.
G's super good at doing up furniture, he and Jon will get on a treat when they ever get to meet.
PS I keep my bags in baskets, too.

Lovangeles said...

c'est trop mignon!

belle in arms said...

Green ginger wine you say, sounds new and exciting. Maybe I should trade my plum win for someting new once in a while.

Take care <3

Loulou said...

Look at those silver platforms, I mean just look at them. *swoons*

I love your house, all those bright colours and fandabbiedozie knick knacks. If only my bedroom was as minimal, but apparently I have a deep seated aversion to clear, flat spaces.

Disco Goth said...

I want to come to your house and stare at your bookcase for hours! I love looking at bookcases, the more packed the better =)

Helga said...

I love bookcases too,and can quite happily sit in front of mine,or anybodies,for hours just noseying and thumbing through books!!
Too right Jon & G will get on a treat,Vix!!!
Thanks for the lovely comments,ladies.It is so much fun to be able to decorate our house the way we want!!x