Split Personality!

For sure! I started the day like this.

Frock-opshopped,not sure if vintage,but one of those wonderful homemade jobs I just LOVE


Handbag-vintage,opshopped the other day


Shoes-Hannah's sale

There was a sale at Tete a Tete today,a vintage store in town.But I just couldn't be arsed.

Got a bottle of booze for Mikel,who gave G the whole Black Sabbath catalogue & Iron Maiden as well on a memory stick!!Then I popped into a local opshop which has odd hours.Never sure when they are open!!They had a fill a bag for $4 thing going on,but very little of interest to be had.No matter!!

The lovely Loulou(plumpfeathers) was interested in this necklace.It's a real fave of mine,and is made up of a cameo(fake)found at the Greenwich market in 1992 and a surround found in a junk/antique shop on the Nevada/Arizona border in 1996.They are blutacked together!!! I have never got around to glueing the damn thing!!Thankfully it is still holding and I haven't lost the cameo.
Hoop earrings from an Asian shop,and the big hair is almost all mine!!(I will be doing a big hair post soon,cos I LOVE it!!)
The following pictures are what I am wearing this afternoon/now evening!! My darling vix will approve!!!I liked all the pics,so sorry if it's a bit boring.The sun had an interesting effect!!G took the pics of me on a wonderful 70's cane chair I was given a few years ago that we simply do not have the room for!!(Small house)AND G hates it!!(No idea why!).
I have a G & T(Bombay of course) in hand.I am currently on my 4th...........

Divine 70's maxi-opshopped(thinking of you,vix! XXX)

Yes,it was very sunny this afternoon!!Squinty squint!!


Sak said...

awe!!u look so springish...look those pretty flowers.

Vintage Vixen said...

From lady-like chic to porn star! Only you? Eh!
Jon always calls those fab chairs "porn star chairs" and denied me one the other day as he said we had no room...tut,tut!
That floral wrap dress looks very 1940's and the cameo sets it off a treat, love the blu-tack diy job sounds like my talents for stapling hems on dresses when I can't be arsed to find a needle). That handbag is bliss!
As for the maxi, you know how I feel about maxi dresses and that one is perfection. Cheers!
Speak soon,

Alex said...

10/10 for the maxi dress - what a gorgeous piece of fabric.

Loulou said...

Oh, I love the necklace even MORE now I know it's DIY. I love oversize cameos. Look at how glam you look in that maxi! The poses are pure pinup too. ;-)

Helga said...

Porn star chairs??!!How on earth...no,never mind!!Tut tut indeed,we don't have the room,REALLY,but I love the damn thing.It has been a plant stand for some time-not good for it really.Might have to sell it!
Isn't the maxi just the most beautiful fabric?!It is a really flattering style too.Glad I look glam in it.G kept telling me get the glass out of my face,and I r=thought I may have looked a little harrassed.He was right though,I ended up in a right state,driving the big white bus.....ugh.Old enough to know better,o yes.But care?!O no!!!:)

Disco Goth said...

Please do a hair post! You have fab hair, I'm more than a little jealous. Fab maxi too =) xx

I'm Helga! said...

Aw,Disco Goth,that's sweet!! I sure will,if that would please you! I worked very hard to have this hair,after torturing it during my Goth years,it took many,many years to grow it long and healthy!!