Opshop Delights

Picked up this dinky retro frock on the way home from work this morning! I stopped in at a fave opshop in Addington-I don't think they have ever failed me,whether it be a fab frock or just a pair of gloves,I have always found something exciting there.
Everytime I'm out driving,I always seem to be passing sites of previous opshops.There used to be some humdingers when I first moved to Christchurch,but the advent of SaveMart changed all that,I think. I even used to live above one in 1990!(That was freakin' brillant!)Most of the wee neighbourhood ones have gone,and the bigger church ones,like Salvation Army,or St Vincents,have closed smaller branches and opened bigger,more savvy ones.It is a lot harder to get a great deal.They know what they have,so where I used to pick up retro or vintage for $1/2,now I'm lucky to get 1 item for $10.It's just such a business nowadays.
Having said that,I did get a great deal out at Rangoon yesterday,at a Salvation Army.I scored a huge chocolatey vintage winter coat,a brown 70's "jumper",a brown & yellow stripe 70's frock,a white 70's uniformy kind of and a pair of beigey vintage crochet gloves all for $9.That doesn't happen very often anymore.
My fondest memories involve Tasman Traders.In the early 90's they were located on the corner of Madras St and Allen St,and had a back room with enormous bins you could physically get into and rummage around in.Heaven!!I found an Edwardian underskirt there once,for 50c.I still have it,it is very age stained,and the waist is about the size of a grapefruit!!Tasman Traders still exist,in a diferent location,and the odd bargain can be found,but they also know what they have and tend to price accordingly.
Cardi,shoes,beret-also opshopped
I wish I'd put a belt on that frock;now I'm looking at the pic,I think it would have pulled it together better!!O well,next time!!


Vintage Vixen said...

Wow, darling, I don't think you could POSSIBLY improve on perfection. Love it all, no belt needed.
Sounds like you got some amazing bargains, especially loving the sound of a brown and yellow stripe frock, can't wait to see it.

Your outfit inspired me today. I wasn't dressed when I read your post and after seeing that fab frock on you I was reminded of a jumble sale dress I picked up a fortnight ago. I soon went scuttling upstairs to retrieve it, I can tell you.


Helga said...

Vix,you are the biggest darling!!I adore you!
I am thrilled that I inspired you!!You inspire me sooo much!