Style Inspiration-Strawberry Switchblade!

For anyone who doesn't recognise these gorgeously attired young ladies,meet Strawberry Switchblade!An imaginatively named synth duo from the 80's,they are Rose and Jill.I think Rose is the one on the right.I have one of their singles,"Since Yesterday".They were fab.
Just look at these amazing outfits!!They are why I love polkadots!My new shoes were inspired by them-although I didn't realise until I was blogging them yesterday!

Love the bustier,left,and the hair bow & glassses on the right.I was just saying yesterday that I was thinking of trying a hair bow-this pic confirms that I will be!!Oooo,and I want to cake my face in makeup just like them!!

The ribbons,the flowers,the hair laquer!!They made all their own stuff,or customised it!Such clever,inspirational Scots lasses!!!


Vintage Vixen said...

Oh how awesome, Helga! Strawberry Switchblade on a thursday morning! I'd forgotten how much I used to love 'em and copy their style (especially their slap and hair ribbons) when I was a teen. I had posters of them, Culture Club and Hayzi Fantayzi on my bedroom walls and never left the house without my cat's eye eyeliner and lace fingerless gloves.
I must dig out their records and have a house disco!
Much love,

vicen said...

Nice blog.
permission to put on my site?

Vintage Obsession said...

oh interesting ! love the strawberry inspired :) nicely done:)

Disco Goth said...

LOVE Strawberry Switchblade! I still listen to them now - a lot of the current Lily Allen album is very reminiscent of them (but they were better). Rose is the teeny one with dark hair and Jill is the one with red hair, I actually met them once. I might even have a duplicate single, I'll see which one it is and if it isn't the one you have you are more than welcome to it. Spreading the SS love is always good! x

Helga said...

Vix,darling,of course you did! I wasn't so into Culture Club,I must admit,but Hayzi Fantayzi,o yes!!! I checked them out on You Tube recently,and I still love them!!!
Disco Goth-o yes,doll.If you no longer wnat it?If you are sure you can do without?!Email me on!

Miss Smilla said...

What a blast from the past! I used to love Strawberry Swtichblade and to this day still have a passion for polka dots. I met them once at a album signing (and still have the album) and they are both absolutely tiny (especially Rose). It must explain why they are so fond of their heels!