Sunshine on a Rainy day!

My darling vix sent me this award!!!What a sweetie!Truly a divine woman,and my dream shopping companion!

The deal with it is that I have to share with you all my fantasy handbag and what it contains,then pass the award onto 4 wonderful bloggers.
TA DA!!!
My fantasy handbag is one I own-this large and immensely practical tooled leather beauty.I coveted this for sometime;it was at Ecetera,a vintage shop in Edgeware,and more money than I wanted to pay.($65)But then I got a work bonus about 2 weeks after I had last drooled over it......and when I went back,with eyes full of hope,there it was,waiting for me.Hurrah!
I am sending this award four lovely ladies:
 bug !
In it is a bottomless(truly a fantasy!) tooled leather wallet,my glasses & case,my sunglasses,my keys so I can drive my chitty chitty bang bang to the opshops,my notebook,some variety of lipstick,and my cell phone........
I actually change my handbags frequently,sometimes everyday,as I am obsessed with co-ordinating shoes and handbag(thanks,Mum)and also I have soooo freaking many that I get the guilts and try and give them all a turn as much as I can!I still have some that have never been used!
Today am I am wearing:
Frock-opshopped,and customised by me
Shoes-Wild Pair sale
Decorative chinesy shopsticks in hair-Primm,Nevada
Brooch-junkshop in Bryndwr
Earrings-gift from G
It is pissing down with rain today,and I have just drops Nix and Si off at the airport-the bastards are off to Auckland to see The Pixies!We were too freaking slow to get tickets-typical!!
O,and I see Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls is playing Christchurch next Tuesday-what's with that?!Not sure if I will go.$40 and a Tuesday.We'll see.But I am going to see a Black Sabbath tribute band next Friday night! I can't remember the last time I went out!
What will I wear!!??? Any ideas,ladies?!


a cat of impossible colour said...

Thank you so much, it's very kind of you! Isn't the rain dreadful? I have just come inside, and I am completely bedraggled.

That bag is seriously amazing. I don't go to Etcetera often, but they usually have some gorgeous things.

A xx

Vintage Vixen said...

Morning Sweetheart!
That's gotta be the most beautiful bag I've ever seen. I would have to had bought it if I'd spotted that one, amazing. Loving that floral specs case. I've got something very similiar with fold up coathangers in it, it goes around the world with me every time.
Fab outfit. Those Tartan tights are fan-blinkin'-tastic on you.
We missed out on the Pixies, too. Black Sabbath tribute band? Definately something pink and short to stand out from the rockers in denim.
Speak soon,

Loulou said...

That's a crazy fabulous bag you have there. It's huge! As an avid collector of stuff, I approve.

Your tights are super awesome as well, love the shoes, and where can I get a pair of earrings like that?!

Disco Goth said...

Those tights!!!
Your bag is just amazing, I'm not good with big bags as I only carry the essentials round with me and I'm a bit anal about clearing my bag out every day, very odd as I don't extend this to my house! x

Alex said...

What a great bag - I thoroughly approve of how large it is.

Helga said...

Wasn't that rain dreadful,Andrea?!And cold!!But today has turned out quite well,thankfully.
Vix,you are so onto it;pink is totally the colour to wear!!!
Loulou darling the earrings are years old,but I reckon you colud make something similar.
I love these tights too,ladies!Would you believe I nearly didn't buy them?!I wasn't sure if I would wear them,but I have worn them lots!!

CalamityJem said...

Thank you ever so much for the award, I'm really going to have a think about this one cause I'm not much of a bag person really.
I love yours though, it is beautiful!
You can never go wrong with tartan in my opinion & just looking at those tights on your fab pins just proves me right I do believe!
Take care,

Bug said...

Thanks so much for the award! I'm very sorry that it took me this long to thank you. I'm terribly behind on my comments. You are a dear!