People Eating Tights

Thanks vix !! A couple of weeks ago,you wore a fab green & white frock with purple tights and shoes-I had been wondering just what I would wear this frock with,and I tucked your inspirational colour combination away in my mind for when I was ready to wear the above frock!
I made it out of a caftan!Loved the fabric,especially the embroidery,but the caftan did nothing for me,except to make me look like the plump one in The Mama's and the Papa's long lost sister!
Yesterday,I went to 3 opshops on the way home from work,but found only these sweet little vintage delights at 2 of them.The necklace is very ladylike,just like me,and was only $2!I have a green one similar hidden in a drawer waiting to be repaired,actually-I must get on and do that,as I had forgotten how much I liked this ladylike style.The lovely little handbag was only $1!No idea what I would wear it with,I'll just stash it for now.I've started the Rita Hayworth bio already,it's a good read. This little trio makes me feel like being very glamourous indeed!
Frock-made by moi
Handbag-gift from Justine
Shoes-Trade Me
Flower in hair-glued to a clip by moi!
Freaking loving this purple and grren together!Too divine!!
The weather is supposed to turn to custard later,so I better get myself motivated and get some missions accomplished before it does!
Ta ta!x
PS-I've been listening to loads of Siouxsie & Cocteau Twins this week.What kind of prep is that for Friday night's Black Sabbath tribute band,I ask you?!From tomorrow,I will listen to Black Sabbath until Friday night,or until my ears bleed.Whichever comes first!
Ozzy forever!!


Vintage Vixen said...

Good God, what a wonderful outfit! That dress and those shoes are soooo gorgeous. Fancy making the frock out of Mama Cass's kaftan, sheer genius!
Loving the purple and green together and those op-shop delights are heavenly. I'm off to see what I can find in our town shortly...I'll report back later.

Alex said...

Oh wow! Love the dress so so much and the tights and shoes combo is inspired!

Loulou said...

Fantastic combo of dress and tights there, and how much do I want those shoes!! But now I'm going to be singing Purple People Eater all day... :( xx

Helga said...

Thanks ladies,I reckon that purple and green is going to be a repeated combination!!xxx