Today,I ROCK!!

I passed my full drivers licence today!!!
I was just too good,really.I think the testing dude was blinded by my fabulousness.Naturally.

I'm very excited!!! I worked very hard for this!
G's instructions were:
1:wear something short.
2:wear something low cut.
3:wear something tight.
4:wear pink lipstick,not red.

Well,it's a little low cut.Ish.And I did wear pink lipstick!
Frock-made by me,from vintage fabric found in a junk shop in AshVegas.(Commonly known as Ashburton.)
Handbag-opshopped,dyed and embellished by me
Shoes-K-Mart sale

Necklace and earrings-gifts from the G Man.

Hair Decoration-made by me.


CalamityJem said...

What a funky & fabulous outfit, I love pink & red together!

Vintage Vixen said...

Congatulations, my love!
I gave up trying about 20 years ago, wish I had the guts to give it another go.
The outfit (the handmade dress, clashing colours, peeking out petticoat, hair) is truly fabulous, no wonder he thought you rocked.

Alex said...


Disco Goth said...

The red and pink looks so pretty, you are indeed fabulous!
Congratulations! x

Helga said...

Thank you,lovely ladies!!
You know,Vix,I never really thought I would do it,but once I started,I just loved it!!Now I have total independance!!!
Thanks all for liking one of my fave colour combo's!!