True Confessions Part 3

I have a tendancy to develop crushes on unusual subjects.

Example 1:John Campbell.(he has a current affairs programme here in NZ)

Example 2:Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.
Example 3:Dylan Moran
I have crushes on these gentlemen for varied reasons,none of which has anything to do with their looks,the most common being that I want to feed and look after them all,and also,they would all be such fascinating dinner guests.
Hugh is to blame for my falling off the veggie wagon after 14 years,with his manly self-sufficiency and way with a sausage.
Dylan is so adorably helpless,drunken and staggering.
John is so so enthusiastic and penetrating when he has his eye on a slimey political nasty.
I had the hugest crying crush on Andy Gibb when I was 11 years old.I call it a crying crush,as I would cry over the fact that I would never get to meet him.I had 9 posters of him on my bedroom wall,and I would kiss every one of them before going to sleep at night.
The shame.
But he wasn't the beginning of my tendancy towards unusual crushes.My mother claimed I had a crush on John Farnham,an Australian singer,when I was 5.He used to sing "Sadie,The Cleaning Lady",and Mum said I had a photo of him on my bedside table.Luckily I don't remember that!!!He had a comeback in the 80's,driven primarily(I believe)by his mullet!!
G is very understanding of my strange crushes.He even approves of some of them!
I am currently nursing an emryonic one for Brendan McCullum,a New Zealand cricketer-we'll see if that becomes full blown!


CalamityJem said...

John Farnham,eh!
'You're The Voice' was an awesome song & I write that with no sarcasm whatsoever.
I've never heard 'Sadie,The Cleaning Lady' but I'm on the case...YouTube stylee ;)

Vintage Vixen said...

I must admit to a soft spot for Hugh. He writes for my fave newspaper, The Guardian and even this veggie is salivating for some of his creations (last week he did a Welsh rarebit with Blue Vinney cheese, leeks and beer which looked divine).
John Farnham?! I remember his songs but not his looks.
I'm in love with Jarvis Cocker (amongst others) and have been for years. Dunno whether it's his long legs, Northern wit or because he drives a vintage Hillman Imp and buys his clothes from chazza shops.
Hope you had a great weekend!
PS Jon was the lead guitarist of The Charlatans. The gold disc was for "Some Friendly". Check out "The Only One I Know" on You Tube, that's still their biggest hit.

Alex said...

Oh I love Hugh - I am strangely drawn to men with curly hair. Currently much in love with the delicious Michael Sheen.

John Campbell reminds me a bit of Jim Carrey!

Loulou said...

Good call on Hugh. We like a bit of Hugh in this household, I have a soft spot for him. I confess that I've been in love with Eddie Izzard since forever <3

I do have a tendency to take strange fancies to people, pretty boys just don't do it for me - well, except Zachary Quinto. xx

Helga said...

I'm so glad I'm not alone in my feelings for Hugh!!Or my unusual crusches!!No pretty boys for me either,Loulou!I like my men geeky or manly,or pref a combo of the two!!
I hope you found John on You Tube,Jem!I must look myself,when I check out Vix's man!!