Wednesday is the Middle of the Week.

I am currently halfway through my second Gin & Tonic.I like my G & T's very lemony.
It has been another glorious day here in Christchurch,but apparently that is due to change tomorrow!
After work this morning I came home,had a lovely walk around the river(I must take the camera next time,as it is incredibly beautiful.)then a nice shower,and then I got gussied up to go opshopping for a couple of hours before an appointment at 3:30pm.

Y'know,all this except the jewellry,flower and my knickers is opshopped?!Even my bra (I'm real fond of italics today) was an opshop find!!Brand new,perfect size and the most comfy bra I own!!
I'm trying to show a peek of my 60's red suspender here without being too vulgar.I think I did quite well for a change!

                                                   Earrings and pendant from Mexico.

I saw this dear old Morris Minor across the road from Savemart in Sydenham.I have a soft spot for Morries.G won't let me have one on a count of we have 2 old vehicles already-the Kombi(1971),and his Norton(1973).And the car is 1989-the newest car he has ever had!
I think I would look wonderful in this one

This is todays loot.I started in Linwood,tried on an interesting pink frock.Couldn't get the boobies into it.I'd say it was late 70's.Lots of chiffon pleating.Bought a nice chunky knit chololate brown scarf for the coming winter.Then I went to Woolston,and found the 2 pieces of fabric on the bottom left.Then on to Ferrymead,where I got the divine emerald 70's genuine crimpelene frock and the amazing 50's blue/pink frock for $2 each.Score of the week!!!And I haven't even tried them on!!For $2 apiece,who cares!
(I forgot to mention that on the way home I had stopped at 2 other opshops,in -where I tried on 2 hopelessly small green 70's numbers-& Avonhead,and came out with nothing)Then I went to Sydenham,found a pair of candyfuture pink shoes at Savemart,and then nothing at the Great Opportunity Shop just nearby,It has a retro room in what is pretty much a cupboard under some stairs.Fecking hard to manouvre in!
So it was win some,lose some.But a great time.I would so loooove to take vix along.We'd have a hoot.I actually like shopping when a little under the influence best,but I can't do that when driving,as I am a very responsible citizen.
And a shot for vix of the yellow/brown number I got on Monday.It is a little tight,so I have to be having a thin day in order to feel confident in it.It really is too small,but not by much,but I HAD to have it,as it did look super on,despite the sausage effect!!!
Onto to the 3rd G & T!!!


belle in arms said...

Oh I love Gin and tonic :) and I as well want them very lemony.

Love the colours, you look so pretty.

Vintage Vixen said...

Looking fabulous (and a little bit naughty), my darling Helga. Loving that glimpse of sussie belt and that handbag 'specially.
It's mad to think that whilst I'm sleeping your shopping! What a fabulous haul - that green crimp number, can't wait to see that one on you. As for that stripey number...yum!
I'd love to go shopping you you and you're right, drunk shopping is the best.
Look at that Moggy. Jon used to have a Traveller many centuries ago but it disintegrated, such gorgeous beasts.
See you later,

Disco Goth said...

You're right - you'd look fab in that car!
If ever you want to sell that green dress let me know...


Loulou said...

Love the fabric finds, I have such fun raking though my Mum's stash of vintage fabrics. Great coloured tights today and the flash is suspender is just a little bit naughty. x

Vintage Vixen said...

Hello again, My darling girl! A lovely blogger sent me an award today so I thought I'd pass it on to you. See you later, sweet thing.

Queenie said...

what fantastic style you have, love the handbag and the orange stockings are fab xx

Helga said...

What a wonderful bunch of ladies you are!
Sure thing,Disco Goth,I'll keep you in mind should I desire to pass the green frock on!!!