Wodan's Day comes once a week

I went for some groceries and a wee spot of opshopping this afternoon.I am very tired,as I got up at 3:30am to drive Heidi to the airport.I am not ready for my close-up!!!
Frock-70's,opshopped and shortened
Tights-not sure
Shoes-Trade Me
Flower-a Sydney market

These are the shoes from the first pic,closer.They came in the mail on Friday,and I had to try them straightaway!They are quite different for me-I like shoes with straps,usually.But I adore polkadots(Strawberry Switchblade,anyone?!)and had been after some polkadots shoes for a while.I'm not usually a bow person either,but it seems to work!
Mind you,I am thinking I'd like to try a monster bow instead of a flower.Might make one this weekend,and get your opinion as to whether it suits me or not!!

This was this afternoons loot.The handbags are a fine example of how fecked up/mixed my taste/style is!!70's tooled leather,and a 50's(or is that 60's)number!! Not to mention the navy gloves,most ladylike,and the hot pink crochet wooly cap!!! I love the chocolate brown beret,and the black furry (fake) one is rather cute.The yellow thing is a golden yellow crochet beret,modern,with gold sequins.Similar I think to the black one Disco Goth (daysinthelifeofme) got a while back.Plus a sweet blue tartan purse, a couple of William Morris print tins-no idea what I'll do with them yet-and a late 70's frock.I think I spent $20 all up?There were also some kitchen utensils,which I have thrown into the dishwasher.

O,and a couple of pics from last nights Thai dinner with Heidi.
We had a whole chilli fish,deep fried(I am crazy for chilli),a chicken Panang curry and Choo Chee Plaa.(A dry red curry with fish.)Engorgingly delicious!!!


Camelia Crinoline said...

I love the shoes. Polka dots and bows are perfect together. Great op-shop haul. I have the same black bag, from an op-shop too.

Alex said...

Those shoes are wonderful!

You all look so happy in the restaurant photos. It's making me hungry for Thai food though, grr.

Vintage Vixen said...

What a bostin' haul you've got there!I've got handbag and hat envy going on.
Those shoes look rather splendid on you. Strawberry Switchblade? I flippin' loved them! "Jolene" is so much better than Ms Parton's effort in my humble opinion.
Thai food? Yum! No Thai restaurants round these parts and I love chilli flavoured anything (even chocolate).
Speak soon, my dear one!

Roo Paprika said...

What a haul! Especially loving the tooled bag xx

prettyneons said...

Pretty please?
peace & bows...
prettyneons X

Loulou said...

Got to love those spotty dotty shoes! And WOW your necklace looks amazing (what I can see of it.)

It's been years since I had Thai food; although I do a lot of cooking with nam pla and sweet chilli sauce, it's not quite the same!


Helga said...

You ladies are freakin sweet!!!Yay-everyone loves my hew shoes!!!Shows how good it can be to go for something different!!!And am even happier that Thai food has got y'all goin'!!
Pretty Neons?Sure thing,honey.Come and get them!! :)
Loulou sweetie,I will do a better shot of the necklace soon.I wear it a lot,and it IS really cool! XXX

Sak said...

haan!! u look so adorable in that dinner dress and loving that flower on your head.