It is a bloody glorious Friday.Bloody glorious,I said.Who would think it is the end of April?!
We popped up to see Justine and baby Rose this afternoon.Mum & daughter are doing very well,and are very popular!!6 visitors withing 1/2 hour,including a former friend I haven't seen in,o,8 years or so?!Freaked me right out!
Frock-made by me
Shoes=Andrea's sale

And here is Uncle G holding a teeny little baby Rose!


I was with my bestie,Justine,while she gave birth yesterday over 15 hours....she's bloody pooped,so I shouldn't complain,but I am rather tired. (She actually went into labour way before I got there)
An incredible experience;her beautiful daughter was born at 8:39 pm,weighing 8lbs 6oz.I am thrilled and honoured to have been invited to participate,through the tears and the muck and the joy when she finally appeared. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.
I'm an Auntie!
Can't wait to teach her how to make me a good G & T!!!


I really love handbags.I just adore these vessels that transport my daily needs around,that look so cute and sometimes so glamourous,that are so practical and sometimes so utterly frivolous.......I have some early photos of myself at age 5 going to Sunday School(feck knows why)with handbags and boots that either matched or co-ordinated beautifully.(I really must do some scanning.You all simply must check out my Mummy.She was some hot babe.She died before I owned a digital camera.)
These baskets sit on my bookshelf and hold rather a lot of handbags.If you wish me to empty these and display their contents,just say.........
Looking into the corner of my sewing room,by the bay window.Some of my favourites are on the wall;G put up some cute hooks for me so they could be displayed........
To the right of the bay window.None of these handbags cost me more than $5,and all of these have been in my possession for at least 10 years.
All but 1 of my baskets.These are in the foyer,upon the faux Chinese cabinet.
A few behind my sewing/dressing room door.They live with the hairdryer.I just don't have anywhere else to put them right now.G doesn't like me hanging crap on the back of doors,but I'm afraid needs must.
The top right one is the one I currently use the most.Practical due to being black,it cost me $4 at an opshop,and the label inside says "So obviously Rex".This must have been a popular brand way back when.I have had 2 ladies comment on it,saying "Oh,you have a Rex!" and seemingly very surprised by the fact.I can't find out any information on the brand at all.I can only surmise(am I making that word up?!) that they were pretty common-camelia has one too!-and that they were probably a cheap version of something flasher,as they are made of vinyl.
Funnily enough,if someone asks me if I collect anything,I say no.....but I guess I actually do.Handbags,shoes,clothes........I suppose I do collect them,but not conciously nor for any purpose such as investment or whatever.I just freakin' love them and just can't get enough!!!

Happy Joy

Friday evening.The Salvation Army in Addington was having their annual Super Sale,from 6-8pm.I usually do quite well at this particular opshop,and didn't make it to the last super sale,so I grabbed the incredibly pregnant(1 week to go)Justine and we popped on down for a look.We squeezed past the manky looking sausage sizzle into the shop,which was rather crowded,but there weren't many goodies for us,I'm afraid.We picked up a couple of kitcheny things,I got some socks,and some scarves,but the one fab score I got was a pretty vintage glasses case......see a few pics down...
Handbag-opshopped from the very opshop we went to
Shoes-Trade Me
I quite like these tights.A good score.
Here is the gorgie glasses case-
So cute and botanical,and just happened to go perfectly with what I was wearing!! I have to confess to being a bit of a matchy freak.Blame Mummy!!!
Today is is raining!It would have been a perfect day for snuggling in bed with a book and looking out at the rain occasionally,but alas,I had a waxing(Brazilian,if you must know,but I keep a landing strip)appointment,so I had to get up.Boo hoo.

Bit of a purple theme going on here.....
Hair-freshly washed and full of knots
Frock-70's maxi,customised,opshopped
Shoes-Trade Me
Coat-vintage,inherited from G's nana.
I am now de-furred,groceries are done,a G & T is in gonna chill for a while,do some sewing,make some dinner and then get ready for band practice!
And there was much rejoicing!!

Samples 4 & 5

Crate #4 looks a little sad, so I got down crate #5 as well.
Ah, shoes........they give me such joy!!!

I Transform

From mild mannered office girl.......home from a long day,enjoying a bourbon and cola......... a codeine/bourbon and cola fueled DISCO SLUT!!!

.................glamour be thy name...........

..... go on,buy me another drink....
......grrrrrrr,more disco,you bastard!

Vix,I love you!!!

aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh.....disco fever so hot I'm burning up!!!


Melanie Griffith I am not!

Is that a maniacal look in my eyes? I think so.
Gah,I do hope I haven't overstimulated your imagination and got you all too excited.....the new job is just a bog standard kind of job doing data entry.The awesomeness of it is:
G and I work for a large company that does Domestic and Industrial switchgear,from lightswitches(like in your house)to stuff that runs dairy farms and all sorts inbetween.I have been working as a Customer Service Representative for the last 4 years,and it basically did my head in!!I won't go into detail,just know that it was a great and positive thing when this position came up,and I went for it eagerly.I got the job,and have moved within the same company from the Commercial side to the Industrial side.I now take care of data entry for the Inventory team,and G and I now work in the same office,and he is also my trainer!!!
The bestest bit of all is that my work hours have changed from 8am-4:30pm to 7am-4:30pmMon-Thurs,and 7am-11am Fridays!So I can opshop my little heart out anywhere around town every Friday,whereas before I was limited to what few opshops were open on Saturdays,unless I had an afternoon or a day off.
And,no more dealing with wanker customers!No more phone ringing constantly!! No more crazy urgency!! I can work autonomously,take breaks when I feel like it,and still have mental challenges and deadlines that I don't have to get stressed out over! (not that I had to get stressed out before.I just did.)
So.The desk!It's a pretty dull corner of the office.The teensy bit of colour you see is all I have accomplished so far.Give me time.I'm thinking lots of bright fake flowers......and I'm not sure what else.My little corner needs pizazz!
Not to mention my "hi vis" vest,which I need to wear each time I go out to the warehouse to collect the paperwork I need to enter,so I don't get run over by a forklift-it needs sequins and other fun decorations.I sewed orange fun fur onto G's one ages ago,and that was rather successful.Now it's my turn to inject some glamour into the warehouse!!
Now,that's quite enough about work!!


Started my new job yesterday.(Can't remember if I have mentioned I was going for a new job and got it)Taking on new information is quite exhausting,especially when I would really like to focus on decorating my new desk first.Priorities,please!

Love Thy Neighbour

This hot little saucepot is Liz.We met Liz when we moved into our house in 2000;she was living next door.We fell in lurve almost instantly,and formed a firm friendship.She hasn't lived next door for years,but we still refer to each other as the neighbours.

Her birthday is today(no idea why I thought it was Tuesday;I'm good like that),so a bunch of us met up at Winniebagoes last night for dinner........G and I had 4 bandidos before cycling into town-about 10 mins from our place-and then I got stuck into the bubbly with Liz.
I had one of those I've got nothing to wear moments last night,then decided on a green 60's frock that I promptly spilt coffee on.So I ended up in a safe,simple homemade number.See flickr for a semi-decent shot.
G with Liz's man Ely,and her daughter Ebony.G has a bit of a glow on!
"I love you,I rilly rilly love you"
G always has to clean my face after dinner.We had the most scrumptious spicey lamb pizza.Makes my mouth water just typing that.
After a fabulous garlicky baked field mushroom for breaky,I went off the Stash Rehash.I bumped into the adorably petite and pretty cameliacrinoline there,and we had a little rummage together.It was soooo busy!Madness!I was there 25 mins early,and the queue was around the block!!!Still,I managed to get away with these goodies for $20.O dear,more stuff to find space for in my room!!!
This is what I came home to.
G is still on his bender,and had been brutalising the hedge whilst I was out!!!
So I got motivated in the kitchen and made pesto,a salsa,olive/feta/thyme muffins and a tremendous chilli con carne.I will make a broccoli/courgette slice before the evening is out.......
Frock-made by me out of retro fabric from an opshop
T bars-No 1 Shoe Warehouse
Feeling positively virtuous!
Woof!!Liz has great,sexy style.....and the most gorgeous pillowy lips....mmmmm


My mate, Gilberto the Great, and I went to Bookarama, an annual Rotary Club book sale. Excitement was high. The atmosphere was tense. Gilberto was waving his list around, which comes to every book sale with him, and occasionally has something crossed off. $2 books!!Oooooo.....
This is Gilberto with his loot. He kept turning up Clive James books, so we figured he is about to start a fast and furious Clive James frenzy!! We started counting all the copies of "The Da Vinci Code"that were on the tables, but lost interest after 12.
This is my loot. Feck knows how I'll fit them on my shelf, but a girl needs a good stack of books ready for the cold winter months ahead. I think if you click on the photo, you'll get a closer look. There was a staggering amount of crappy novels, but I managed to glean a few pearlers. A couple of them I got mostly for the covers!! (See bottom right book,very nice Art Nouveau cover, but may be a dud read.)
This is the score of the day. I saw it at the last minute. I have been wanting to get her latest bio, but when I saw this, I realised I hadn't read this one!! Huzzah!! Dame Edna is an Aussie icon, and she is dazzling!!!
G has been in a cleaning/reorganising frenzy all day. It wore me out just looking at him, so I went off for a Nana nap. 3 hours later, I can't find my way around the kitchen!!!
I currently have a coffee in hand, going to get ready soon to go into town. Our darling friend Liz has a birthday on Tuesday, so we are going out for dinner tonight, to Winniebago's. I hear they do great pizza. Knowing Liz, it could degenrate into a drunken debacle. Stay tuned.
WTH am I going to wear??!!

Carry On

Firstly,the very sweet sak passed on this award to me!Thank you,darling!
I have to pass it on to 10 bloggers,and share 7 things about myself.
The 7 things are:
1:My middle name is Rosemary
2:I'm exceptionally organised,to the point that I challenge myself not to be at times,and even deliberately be disorganised at other times in order not to be compulsive about it!
3:My first cat was black,and called Sydney.I used to eat his biscuits!!!
4:I have 9 tattoos,and have been working on getting 3 of them removed;a very long,painful,and expensive process.
5:I am an only child
6:I am a speed reader
7:I never drank alcohol until I was 22
I have to think about who I will tag,and will do that in the next day or 2!!!

Now,last night we went out to our favourite Thai restaurant for dinner.After that,we cruised on our bicycles into Victoria Square for a drunken photo shoot.I'll bet you can't tell that from the photos!!!

Frock-vintage,Trade Me
Silly smile-red wine,New World