Blue Moon

My tights are a light limey green,but they don't show up so well here!!
Shoes-Trade Me,Pulp brand,fab colour!!
Purple bow in hair-made by me from an offcut!!
Boris has snuggled between me and my laptop,which is balancing precariously on the edge of my knees.He doesn't like my laptop.It vexes him terribly.He bit me recently when I was trying to do an email.
As he rules the roost,I better let him have his way!!


Roo Paprika said...

I absolutely love the colours on your dress, but I really really really love the handbag, what an classic style. Love it x

PS, Bad bad Boris

Ivy Black said...

Love your shoes...and the dress is gorgeous.
Naughty Boris! My own cat hates me working at the laptop..she waits until I've stopped typing and the walks all over the keyboard! Like Boris, she rules the household!

Helga! said...

Thanks,Roo,I love the classic-ness of this handbag too!
Yes,Ivy,Boris is a little SHIT!!

Miss Smilla said...

What gorgeous colours and I especially covet the blue shoes! And you have chosen such a great backdrop - I love your colourful house!