My mate, Gilberto the Great, and I went to Bookarama, an annual Rotary Club book sale. Excitement was high. The atmosphere was tense. Gilberto was waving his list around, which comes to every book sale with him, and occasionally has something crossed off. $2 books!!Oooooo.....
This is Gilberto with his loot. He kept turning up Clive James books, so we figured he is about to start a fast and furious Clive James frenzy!! We started counting all the copies of "The Da Vinci Code"that were on the tables, but lost interest after 12.
This is my loot. Feck knows how I'll fit them on my shelf, but a girl needs a good stack of books ready for the cold winter months ahead. I think if you click on the photo, you'll get a closer look. There was a staggering amount of crappy novels, but I managed to glean a few pearlers. A couple of them I got mostly for the covers!! (See bottom right book,very nice Art Nouveau cover, but may be a dud read.)
This is the score of the day. I saw it at the last minute. I have been wanting to get her latest bio, but when I saw this, I realised I hadn't read this one!! Huzzah!! Dame Edna is an Aussie icon, and she is dazzling!!!
G has been in a cleaning/reorganising frenzy all day. It wore me out just looking at him, so I went off for a Nana nap. 3 hours later, I can't find my way around the kitchen!!!
I currently have a coffee in hand, going to get ready soon to go into town. Our darling friend Liz has a birthday on Tuesday, so we are going out for dinner tonight, to Winniebago's. I hear they do great pizza. Knowing Liz, it could degenrate into a drunken debacle. Stay tuned.
WTH am I going to wear??!!


Camelia Crinoline said...

You can never have too many books especially in Winter. Dame Edna is amazing.
Hopefully I'll see you at Stash Rehash tommorow.

Disco Goth said...

Ooh, so many books! The sewing one looks like it,s got lots of retro bits and bobs in.
Fingers crossed your pizza does turn into a drunken debacle! xx

Helga! said...

You are quite right,Camelia,a girl can never have too many books!And I did see you this morning!!
I'm quite excited about the sewing book DG.I actaully have a few,and they are great for the odd trick.I just love the 70's sewing books,there are such cool projects in them! I have a 50's one too,that I was given.I've hardly looked at it!!