Carry On

Firstly,the very sweet sak passed on this award to me!Thank you,darling!
I have to pass it on to 10 bloggers,and share 7 things about myself.
The 7 things are:
1:My middle name is Rosemary
2:I'm exceptionally organised,to the point that I challenge myself not to be at times,and even deliberately be disorganised at other times in order not to be compulsive about it!
3:My first cat was black,and called Sydney.I used to eat his biscuits!!!
4:I have 9 tattoos,and have been working on getting 3 of them removed;a very long,painful,and expensive process.
5:I am an only child
6:I am a speed reader
7:I never drank alcohol until I was 22
I have to think about who I will tag,and will do that in the next day or 2!!!

Now,last night we went out to our favourite Thai restaurant for dinner.After that,we cruised on our bicycles into Victoria Square for a drunken photo shoot.I'll bet you can't tell that from the photos!!!

Frock-vintage,Trade Me
Silly smile-red wine,New World


Kel said...

Haha great photos!! Wouldn't have known you'd had a drink. ;)
I also speed read, congrats on the award.

X x

Miss Smilla said...

Isn't drunken posing fun? But you look pretty chilly, despite the alcohol coursing through your veins!

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

Ahh look at ya! Love the dress. I sat on that very bench drooling over some idiot but very cute boy many years ago the night of my graduation. Goodness. I vaguely remember one of my friends trying to hurtle herself over that fence.You're a crack up.

CalamityJem said...

I love this outfit, the frock is divine!

Sak said...

see, I need an award to reveal my full name !!! gosh you look so cool ..

Flaming Red said...

Ha! I scrolled through the first few photos thinking "eh she doesn't look pissed...then i hit the leg over the bridge railing!!" Gorgeous! Keep up the good work!

Helga! said...

Fun times!!
Y'know,I didn't even get a hangover!!!