Coming home to a treat is the BEST!!

A very freaking hot afternoon again here!! I ran around a bit after work,as G is holding a stag night for our mate Darryl tonight(at our house)and finished the shopping for it,as poor G is still at work.Plus picked up "Shantaram"from the library-what a hefty beast it is!!It'll keep me amused for a while!!Gotta finish the Shiaparelli bio first,though.

Frock-made by me
Shoes-KMart sale

Then I came home to a parcel from someone very dear to my heart!!! I love parcels!! Especially when they have delightful frivolous treats!!!Can't wait to try these frocks on!!And try the pattern,wear the flower,paint my toes etc.......(I never paint my fingernails.They are hideous!)

I was driving by the river,and couldn't resisit a lovely snap from the footbridge.This amazing bit of scenery in the below pic is just down the road from us!We are so blessed!!!! I walk along here most days,and love checking out the quacks.We have quite the variety of birdlife:swans(black),Paradise ducks,normal ducks,little black diving ducks,geese,seagulls......all cruising around and/or making a spectacle of themselves!!!

Hurrah for 4 day breaks,whatever the reason!!! I am going to my friends Nix' tonight for drinkies,while the boys get wild here;tomorrow night I'll hang with another girlfriend while G's other band,Snuffbox,practice.Saturday is our friends Darryl & Ira's wedding,Sunday will be recovery,and Monday we have lunch at one of the in-laws.Not too thrilled about that,as the sister-in-law involved isn't a fan,so I'll wind her up by dressing like a crazed boffoon!LOL!!!!Really!!


Alex said...

Have I mentioned how much I love your use of colour? The outfit photo is just stunning!

I recognise that card - what a lovely gift to get from her :)

Loulou said...

O, the fishnets. You are a stunner in red. The scenery is also very pretty. I do hope you enjoy your long weekend too!

My hair suffered for a production of Dazzle, a rather silly sci-fi take-off. I was "Sue Zuki, leader of the Greasers" - what a sight! My makeup got more outrageous and Kiss-like with every night. ;-)

Helga! said...

Thanks,lovely ladies,for the sweet words!!!
Loulou-sounds slightly terrifying!!But the makeup sounds like it was rather fab!!

Disco Goth said...

Ooh what a lovely package! The dress pattern looks perfect xx

Miss Smilla said...

Those red shoes ... fabulous!