Cruise Control

This is what I wore to Nix' last night.
We had a merry old time,yapping,drinking,eating yummies.
I stayed the night,walked home via the river walk this morning to find-a fairly tidy house!!The boys had been very well behaved;no vomiting,no trashing of the house,no underwear strewn over the hedge.......slightly disappointing!!!
Cruisey day today,just enjoying a mellow Friday,thinking about things I could do,things I should do and things I want to do...........

Stockings worn as socks-opshopped
Hairbow-still not thrilled with it!(Made the red one today-it's smashing!)
Necklace-gift from G

Have a happy weekend!Don't do anything I wouldn't do!!!


Alex said...

You know we need pics of the red hairbow!

Love all the touches of red on this outfit, especially the knee high socks (a secret love of mine). And the print on that dress = gorgeous!

Loulou said...

Gorgeous dress, and I love your long boots - so rock and roll!

Helga! said...

Yes,Alex,my dear,there will indeed be a winning pic of my red hair bow tomorrow!!
I love my frock and boots too!!Ya for rock and roll!!!