The lovely painting above is by a New Zealand artist,Leonard Booth,of whom I had never heard,until last night.....
My lovely friend Jo,who is tres classy-she is a wine writer and all round intelligent and impressive woman-asked me if I wanted to come along to the Christchurch Art Gallery for a talk on "Nakedness,Nudity and the Public Gaze."Naturally,I said yes.
Well,something different for a Wednesday evening!
I have been to a few talks at the Art Gallery with Jo before.One was something to do with Anthropology,and waaaaay over my head,another was about a gay male New Zealander and his life-that was great.He had an enviable platform collection.She is a "Friend"of the Gallery,and keeps up with all the interesting things.I figure this sort of thing is good for me,so when she suggests something,I go!We went to hear Seraphine Pick do a tour/talk of her exhibition(she has done some amazing paintings)one Saturday.We saw a very peculiar art installation another day.
Anyway,this talk was in connection to the current exhibition of Christine Websters work.She is pretty interesting.I'll post some pics after I go to the exhibition.The painting above was the first slide they showed,and I just fell in love with it!

So,being culturally inspired,I dressed myself in an appropriate manner,I feel.

After the talk,we went to dinner at Malaysian Delights,a dear,wee colourful Malaysian restaurant in town,that neither of us had been to before.She brought along an amazing bottle of wine-great thing with Jo,is,with her being a wine writer,she has wine coming out of her ass!!
I was very virtuous,as I was driving,and restrained myself to one glass.(Do not fall over with shock,dear readers!)
Then I drove her home to Lyttleton.That was an adventure,in the dark,o yes.When I got home,the regular booze bus was just a couple of doors up,so I was very pleased with my earlier restraint!!
Every now and then,I do surprise myself!!
Frock-opshopped,customised by moi
Coat-vintage,from my darling Vix
Shoes-Farmers sale,I think.


giddynici said...

Sounds like a lovely way to spend some time. Doing something a little different.
That coat is DIVINE! x

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

Helga helga I am having coat envy- that coat is to die for! It's gorgeous, ravishingly so. Nice ensemble

Disco Goth said...

The dress is very pretty and the coat is incredible! Very cultured indeed xx

Miss Smilla said...

Love your coat - and what an unusual hem on your dress! Sounds like you had a very cultured evening!

Helga! said...

Thanks,ladies!!I'm quite awed by the coat-it is just too pretty!!
Miss Smilla,I just gathered little bits of the hem up and sewed a bit of trim on!!I didn't want to lose any of the flare when I took it up,and that seemed to be a good way to do it!!

Michelle said...

Helga, totally love your outfit here! Have coat envy... and dress envy.... and shoe envy!