Happy Joy

Friday evening.The Salvation Army in Addington was having their annual Super Sale,from 6-8pm.I usually do quite well at this particular opshop,and didn't make it to the last super sale,so I grabbed the incredibly pregnant(1 week to go)Justine and we popped on down for a look.We squeezed past the manky looking sausage sizzle into the shop,which was rather crowded,but there weren't many goodies for us,I'm afraid.We picked up a couple of kitcheny things,I got some socks,and some scarves,but the one fab score I got was a pretty vintage glasses case......see a few pics down...
Handbag-opshopped from the very opshop we went to
Shoes-Trade Me
I quite like these tights.A good score.
Here is the gorgie glasses case-
So cute and botanical,and just happened to go perfectly with what I was wearing!! I have to confess to being a bit of a matchy freak.Blame Mummy!!!
Today is is raining!It would have been a perfect day for snuggling in bed with a book and looking out at the rain occasionally,but alas,I had a waxing(Brazilian,if you must know,but I keep a landing strip)appointment,so I had to get up.Boo hoo.

Bit of a purple theme going on here.....
Hair-freshly washed and full of knots
Frock-70's maxi,customised,opshopped
Shoes-Trade Me
Coat-vintage,inherited from G's nana.
I am now de-furred,groceries are done,a G & T is in hand......am gonna chill for a while,do some sewing,make some dinner and then get ready for band practice!
And there was much rejoicing!!


Disco Goth said...

The purple outfit is perfect - another properly amazing coat as well! =) xx

Lily said...

Fabulousness abounds!! hehe I love G&Ts (I actually fancy one right now come to think of it...). I especially love your glasses case :)

asiunia said...

I love Your colourfull house. When have a house I'm going to paint it in many colours too!

And I still admire You for these amazing outits!

Helga! said...

yay!Thanks ladies for your kind words!!

Miss Smilla said...

Love the purples and I am particularly taken with your pretty bag.

Helga! said...

Thank you,Miss Smilla!! :)

Laura said...

I LOVE the purple dress - I'm a big fan of shortening maxis. In fact, all of my mini dresses have gotten the scissor treatment. And the purple coat is wonderful. Super jealous of that purple outfit!

Laura x