It is a bloody glorious Friday.Bloody glorious,I said.Who would think it is the end of April?!
We popped up to see Justine and baby Rose this afternoon.Mum & daughter are doing very well,and are very popular!!6 visitors withing 1/2 hour,including a former friend I haven't seen in,o,8 years or so?!Freaked me right out!
Frock-made by me
Shoes=Andrea's sale

And here is Uncle G holding a teeny little baby Rose!


Sak said...

haan!!baby is so cute..missed yre cute flower the way congrats!!! and the picture where G is holding the baby is simply marvelous..lotsa hugs and happy weekend..

Camelia Crinoline said...

Love the dress, especially the green ribbon detail on the pockets and hem. The weather was unnaturally nice today. Rose is a great name.

Alex said...

That dress is utterly beautiful.

She's a long baby isn't she? Super cute photo of her and G :)