Melanie Griffith I am not!

Is that a maniacal look in my eyes? I think so.
Gah,I do hope I haven't overstimulated your imagination and got you all too excited.....the new job is just a bog standard kind of job doing data entry.The awesomeness of it is:
G and I work for a large company that does Domestic and Industrial switchgear,from lightswitches(like in your house)to stuff that runs dairy farms and all sorts inbetween.I have been working as a Customer Service Representative for the last 4 years,and it basically did my head in!!I won't go into detail,just know that it was a great and positive thing when this position came up,and I went for it eagerly.I got the job,and have moved within the same company from the Commercial side to the Industrial side.I now take care of data entry for the Inventory team,and G and I now work in the same office,and he is also my trainer!!!
The bestest bit of all is that my work hours have changed from 8am-4:30pm to 7am-4:30pmMon-Thurs,and 7am-11am Fridays!So I can opshop my little heart out anywhere around town every Friday,whereas before I was limited to what few opshops were open on Saturdays,unless I had an afternoon or a day off.
And,no more dealing with wanker customers!No more phone ringing constantly!! No more crazy urgency!! I can work autonomously,take breaks when I feel like it,and still have mental challenges and deadlines that I don't have to get stressed out over! (not that I had to get stressed out before.I just did.)
So.The desk!It's a pretty dull corner of the office.The teensy bit of colour you see is all I have accomplished so far.Give me time.I'm thinking lots of bright fake flowers......and I'm not sure what else.My little corner needs pizazz!
Not to mention my "hi vis" vest,which I need to wear each time I go out to the warehouse to collect the paperwork I need to enter,so I don't get run over by a forklift-it needs sequins and other fun decorations.I sewed orange fun fur onto G's one ages ago,and that was rather successful.Now it's my turn to inject some glamour into the warehouse!!
Now,that's quite enough about work!!


Bug said...

Congrats on the job, glad you like it. I bet your desk will look just lovely! Adore your outfit below, so pretty and colorful :)

Camelia Crinoline said...

I hope we get to see a picture of your hi vis vest once you decorate it and I love the stockings.

Ivy Black said...

My mum is a Health ansd Safety officer working mostly on building sites. She has a bright pink safety helmet, pink wellies and a pink hi vis vest that 'her lads' had printed with The Guvnor' on the back. I think that's the kind of look you're after....

Alex said...

That wall is crying out for a splash of colour, isn't it? Congrats on escaping the customer service side of things!

Your tights are amazing by the way :)

Disco Goth said...

I always think of data entry as being a pretty good job, definitely much better than customer services which I'd inagine is horrid! And you're working with G, that's brilliant =) Don't forget to blog your desk once it's finished! x

Helga! said...

Ivy,your Mum is an absolute inspiration!! I'll be looking into pink his vis vests!!There WILL be pics when I have it and my desk sorted!!
Yeah,DG,Customer Service is SHITE!!
Thanks for the congrats,ladies,and the compliments!As usual,you've made my day!! x

Miss Smilla said...

I used to work in customer services and there is nothing worse than dealing with the public! I like the sound of your plans for your hi-vis vest!