Just back from an evening with my lovely friend Jo.More on that tomorrow!
Spent this afternoon stocking up on the 3 B's for G,as he is off for a night away(on Friday night) with 2 of his brothers.The 3 B's,most crucial for a nights camping out,are Beer,Bacon & Bourbon.He and his bros are off to the Hurunui,in between Christchurch and Hanmer Springs.There's a campground,and also a historic pub.G is taking the Kombi,his brother Mark is taking his motorbike,and his brother Simon is maybe going to cycle(!?)some of the way,or just ride with G.Boys,beer,bacon and bourbon..........
I'm going to have a quiet night with a bottle of red and my book!

Frock-vintage,from the lovely vix !!(How I miss her!)


Vintage Obsession said...

The boots and the bag ==hotness:)

P.S have heard New Zealand is a very beautiful place want to visit someday :)

Disco Goth said...

You could so definitely make things to sell - you can make men's suits for goodness sake!

That dress is completely fab on you, love it =) x

Louise said...

Hi Helga, I'm pleased you are following me :-) I adore your bag, smart and practical looking too. It's great. xx

Alex said...

Gorgeous frock :)

Sak said...

U LOOK GORGEOUS IN BLACK and u carry carry yrself so well.loving that black bag. hope Mr.G had fun and did u enjoy yr red? i love lonely moments every now and then..feels good. isn't it?

Helga! said...

You ladies are fantastic!!
I know,Disco Goth,but I panic when faced with sewing for someone else!!It's a confidence thing.
Tomorrow night I will be enjoying the red,Sak!!You are right,lonely moments now and then are great.But I now have a dinner invitation,so I won't be so lonely after all!!