I forgot to say that I scored this fab old suitcase at Riccarton Market the other day,for the princely sum of $10.I plan on re-arranging/organising some of my crap,and using this case for storage.Old suitcases are great for storage;I've several already.I think this may be the styliest,however!
Felt a little spotty today,boom boom!!
Frock-opshopped and customised
Shoes-Hannahs sale
Do I look more intelligent with glasses on?!I have been told that I look younger without them.I don't need to wear them as often as I do,actually.I'm short sighted,and need them for driving,and they do make tv a little crisper to view.I like them at the cinema,too.I just tend to leave them on if I've been driving,or have them on when I'm about to drive.I do find that they can be useful if i don't feel like putting eyemakeup on,as they frame they eyes quite well!!
Glorious Autumn evening here.After dinner(I'm making vege fried rice,Thai style)we are popping over to Si's house,where he has a recording studio in the backyard.Snuffbox,G's other band,are trying to finish a recording that has been ongoing due to the original drummer leaving/being replaced,and I'm going to do some backing vocals on one song.They have a My Space page,but it needs to be updated,and the new recording added,then I'll set up a link to it.We are going to be setting up a My Space page for Loafer,too,very shortly.We have a gig............!!!More on that later.Yeah,later.


Sak said...

I think its the other way, glasses makes u look younger and sexy..cute polka dot dress..suitcase looks really big .

Camelia Crinoline said...

Old suitcases are the best for storage, I have about 5 of them filled with fabric. I like the glasses and the polka dots.

Kel said...

I love that suitcase! I've been looking for a couple for ages to store my scarfs and bags - they are hiding well in Bedfordshire. :)

Great outfit, and the vege fried rice sounds yum.


giddynici said...

Fantastic suitcase. Don't you just get lost in the possible adventures of old luggage!

Helga! said...

Bless you,Sak & Camelia!! I saw a poster for OPSM(Optometrists,for non-Kiwi's)that said 75% of people find people with glasses more sexy!!!
Yes,old suitcases are way exciting!!I like the straps on this one.Useful & beautiful!!

Smashingbird said...

Fab suitcase, definitely very cool idea for storage!

Disco Goth said...

I think you suit glasses (but of course you suit no glasses too!), I love mine even though I don't need them, I've had them on all week as I have an eye infection so no make up.
Fantastic suitcase! x

a cat of impossible colour said...

Ooh! I LOVE the suitcase. And I thought your glasses looked gorgeous on Saturday. I look like an owl in mine.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Oh, and Mink is single! But straight, unfortunately. He used to have a Siamese girlfriend.

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Thanks for the comment :) I totally know what you mean about not jumping into friendships too quickly, I will be wary :)

Helga! said...

But owls are beautiful,Andrea.And they make fabulous hooting noises!!!
Bugger about the eye infection,DG.