I have been quite the busy girl.G was away last night with his brothers;I was intending to have a quiet night with a bottle of red and "Shantaram",but was invited out to a work dinner.All expenses paid-what's a girl to do?!Of course I went!!

I frocked up in:

Frock-70's maxi,opshopped

Cardi-Gap outlet in the States

Scarf-opshop in Palm Springs


Shoes-Trade Me

Cat-wanting to go out!

I felt all peacock feathery;I got this "hairstick" in the States. I love peacock feathers;I'm not sure why some people consider them unlucky.I'm the luckiest girl in the world,and I have them in my house,and sometimes in my hair!!
It was a rather civilised evening,we met for drinks at the Fox & Ferret in Riccarton,then onto a Chinese restaurant in Fendalton called,creatively,Chopsticks!!Surprisingly good food!!I was home around 9:30,in bed around 10:30 with Boris,and when I got out of bed this morning,Boris decided to have a little sleep in..........

How cute is that??!!

This morning,Andrea,of acatofimpossiblecolour ,a local blogger,had a wee vintage/retro/book sale.I was terribly excited to go,and was up and anxiously making myself as fabulous as possible from 8am.Of course,I was frightfully early,and had to waste a little time in the mall close to her home,but then I was still 15mins early!!But,I was not the only one!!Sale,and meeting Andrea fever was rife!!!The sweetie made everyone coffee,much yapping and shopping was done,and a good time was had by all,I feel!!I was so excited that I forgot to take any photos,despite making sure I had my camera in my pocket!!Andrea took some,and has promised to email them to me.There will also be photos on her blog.
I wore:
Frock-opshopped and customised by me
Tights-Trade Me
Shoes-Hannah's sale
...and tried not to make too big an ass of myself.......
Enormous pink flower-glued onto a hairpin by me in a fine moment of craftiness!!!
At Andrea's,I got to meet the splendid ladies of:
and a few other gorgeous lasses,about whom I found out little,as I was totally all over these ladies,and Andrea,like a rash!


Camelia Crinoline said...

You look amazing as usual. How can something as pretty as peacock feathers be bad luck?
It was awesome to meet you at Andrea's today.

Sak said...

just knowing that u were at andrea's place for the sale , im getting excited and sure i can imagine yr position at tht time. yr enormous pink flower looks pretty and feather hairstick is lovely. have a good weekend.

a cat of impossible colour said...

We all talked about how fabulous your outfit was after you left! You looked stunning. I particularly loved your eye makeup and hair. :)

I have just emailed you a bunch of photos - it's taking ages to send because they're MASSIVE, but let me know if they haven't arrived in an hour or so and I'll try again.

So lovely to meet you - we must catch up for coffee or a drink soon, and organise another bloggy get-together.

Mink says hi to Boris!

Andrea xx

IT IS ALLY said...

Was lovely to meet you today! Let's all get drunk sometime. (That is how I roll.)

wv = 'goast' = toast that is goat-flavoured. Gross.

IT IS ALLY said...

p.s. it was only after you had gone that Andrea informed me your name was not actually Helga. Whoops

Loulou said...

You look gorgeous in that maxi! I love peacock feathers too - I always thought they were considered unlucky because Hera had set the giant Argus' eyes in the tail - perhaps an ancient association with the evil eye (gosh, I'm such a speculative geek!)

Rosina Lee said...

Helga, I love your use of colours and the way you put your outfits together! Very inpiration and refreshing from the muted colours most NZer's wear these days.

XX Rosina Lee

Helga! said...

You are a bunch of sweethearts!!
Ally,you're on.Lets get rat-arsed!!!
Camelia,it was a thrill to meet you,and I thinl Ms Loulou has answered the question re peacock feathers!!Thanks Loulou!!So it comes out of Greek mythology?!Wicked!!!
Yay,Andrea-what a great morning it was! I'm still buzzing!!We will SO do a coffee or something!!
And Rosina-yes indeed,NZers are so bland and colourless in general.Good thing we're here to decorate the country!!!:)xxx to you all!

Disco Goth said...

Fabulous outfits! loving the hair adornments, I sooooo miss my long hair (recent) but it is thinning so the chop had to be done. I don't care what people say about peacock feathers either, they are the most beautiful things.
I love it when one of the cats get into bed with me, like a hot water bottle that doesn't go cold.
Sounds like you all had an amazing time, I'm jealous!