The Wedding!

G is obviously raring to go.......
Nix and I looking stupendous and getting stuck into the bubbly.....

My lovely man,Master of Ceremonies!
The bride's frock was rather saucy!!

Well on my way.
Frock-made by moi
Beige fishnets(invisible!)-KMart
Giant Red Haibow-made by me
Unseen is a vintage burgundy tutu(or crinoline,whatever you call it),opshopped
With the bridal group.
On G:
Frock coat-made by moi
Pants-made by moi
Boots-can't remember
Relaxing with one of the bridesmaids.
On Nix:
Shoes-Overland(I think)
She was also carrying a divine coat that belonged to a friend's granmother.
Mr Smooth,in Elvis sunnies from Vegas

Mrs Smooth,rather pissed by now.....
I also made my necklace-how crafty!!!
Strawberry earrings-an little Asian shop down Colombo St.

With the bride and her daughter at the Dux.I've just had a vodka/red bull,hence the slightly manic expression.
I didn't sleep well,dammit,and have been up for hours!!It is now 8:09am,I figured I may as well get photos loaded and do a post!!Daylight saving ended for us last night,clocks went back,so I could have had an extra hours sleep-if I could sleep!! I'm sure it was Nix' idea to have vodka/red bulls........
Moi and the lovely bride,Ira.
What a wonderful afternoon/evening we had!!!
I'm amazingly un-hungover at this point.That may come later........
Boris is very annoyed with me,as I am too busy playing on my laptop for cuddles.He bit me and stalked off back to bed,with G,who is sleeping peacefully.


Disco Goth said...

I am very jealous of your making stuff skills! That dress fabric is perfectly you and the red MUST make a spotty one!
Hope the hangover stays away =) xx

Alex said...

Huzzah, the bow!! It looks FANTASTIC! Gorgeous photos as well, looks like such a fun time for everyone.

Louise said...

I adore your dress, it's absolutely splendid.


Helga! said...

Woohoo,the hangover DID stay away!!
I am going to do a spotty bow for SURE,Disco Goth!!Just gotta get down to it!!
Tha nk you for the lovely compliment,Louise!!
I knew you'd love the red bow,Alex!!

Miss Smilla said...

What a fabulous dress and such perfect wedding attire!

trishhunterfinds said...

Oh my gosh you have some FABULOUS outfits!!!
Thanks for commenting as I've now discovered your blog!! :)

Helga! said...

Thank you,and thank you Miss Smilla for the lovely compliments!!