Miss Frizzle?

I was told by a woman who served me at Farmers that I look like Miss Frizzle,from a cartoon called "The Magic Bus".
I've never seen it,but found this picture on the web.
Is this good-or bad?
And,is it true?


So off we went to Loburn late yesterday afternoon.......

As I said,I am wearing a long frock....

And I tucked a tiara under the front of my hat.

Gypsy-ish earrings!

Well rugged up for the journey.Thank goodness the Kombi's heater works nowadays......
Frock-70's maxi,opshopped
Coat-gift from Justine
Necklace-gift from G

Pretty dreary out there!

And we arrive!

We spent a splendid evening,had a great dinner,then adjourned to the lounge with drinkies.....Wayne whipped out the blender somewhere around midnight.....despite having scarfed a great many vodka/oranges, fruity margaritas sounded like a brillant idea.G wasn't so silly.I should have remembered what happened at New Year the year before last.....but I didn't until today.


He here Keith!He is an enormous butch boy,but ever so squishy.He knows I'm a soft touch.
I don't remember this photo being taken.....I am wearing a different frock(what I took to wear home today)as I managed to pour an entire margarita over myself.Wouldn't be the first time,won't be the last.These glasses are Gillians.She has had them since she was a teenager,and I tried all night to get her to give them to me.

I was about to stagger off to bed,feck knows when,when Gillian decided she had to watch "Paranormal Activity".She really did have to,as she is off to Wellington on Tuesday for a week of workshops and tutoring*.So I hopped into bed with her and her youngest,Izzy(would have been Iggy if she was a boy)and we watched it.Hmmm.It's supposed to be really scary.But I didn't think so.Gill had to watch it as she is tutoring on low budget film making,and it is a fine example of that.

So I am suffering today,with yet another hangover.Tsk tsk,you say.

*Gillian is my oldest Christchurch friend,and she is a writer/director.She has one feature film under her belt,Snakeskin ,and quite a few short films and documentaries.She has been working exclusively on doco's the last 5 years,as she has had 2 children,but now is starting to get herself back out there.She has 2 feature film scripts on the go,one of which is in early stages of production.Next week she has workshops at the NZ Film Comission,all geared towards getting her script into the next stage,and also does tutoring for them.She is a clever,clever girl!Her doco on Ernest Rutherford is nearly finished,and she manages this all with a 5 and 3 year old,a small farm,piles of animals and her Wayne!Arrrrgh! She is a powerhouse,and an inspiration!

Inside to Outside

I'm not as shitty about the weather today.I guess I'm resigned to it.
I had to go out for my 5 weekly wax appointment this morning,and then do some groceries,so I decided to perk up the world by dressing brightly.
Our car tends to mist up a lot when driving in the rain,which is bloody irritating,but I wasn't going to let that put me off my mission,which was to include a quick stop at Cranford St Savemart.

I scored 2 summer frocks,a blue cardi and a sweet hippy-ish belt for someone dear to me whom I think will like it.Most excellent.Then to the supermarket.Crazy busy,but no fecking idiots to spoil it for me-a miracle!

Currently I am preparing a chicken and cranberry casserole to take out to our friends Gill & Wayne's place tonight.They live just past Loburn-the country-so we are going in the Kombi,and will stay the night.We are stocked with booze,and a chickpea dip I made earlier,and cornchips,and of course,a hot water bottle.It is Wayne's birthday tomorrow,he doesn't know we are coming.Surprise!We will probably get a little plonkered,listen to music,talk shit and stuff our faces.
I just heard G telling Boris that we are out tonight,no heater,no mink blankie-he'll have to tough it out in his own fur coat!!!Poor baby! I'd love to take him with us,but they have a huge butch cat called Keith-think of a biker called Mary and you have the right idea-who would probably rape my little boy and then eat him!Can't risk it!!

I have to get changed into suitable country wear.That is,long frock & a tiara.
I'm not joking.
Today I wore:
Coat-vintage,swapped with a friend for the leather one I was wearing in my goth pics the other day
Beret-Madame Butterfly's
Frock-vintage,Trade Me
Bow-made by me
Tights-no idea
Shoes-K-Mart sale
Enjoy your Saturdays,lovelies!!

True Confessions 5

Um,we watched "Confessions of a Shopaholic"last night.
How appropriate!

(I love,love.love this outfit!)

I shouldn't be apologetic,nor slightly embarrassed,I know.I quite enjoyed it,I must say.I do enjoy the odd trashy,schmaltzy,soppy,cheesey movie,much to my shame.I mean,I liked "Notting Hill"!!!! And that's cringe worthy!

It was light and bubbly,and the costumes are fab and bright,Kristen Scott Thomas is amazing,as usual,and whats-her-face,Irma?Irene? ILA!! is jolly amusing,and I can soooo spot that she is an Aussie.(There is a particular humour)There's a great dancing scene.

Now,I'm no label whore,in fact,I couldn't give a shit about labels at all,apart from being able to recognise the odd vintage one,and I do like to see what designers are doing......and in this movie she is stupidly wasting money on labels!! I can relate,as in so far as I am an opshopaholic,and get very stressed if I don't get some opshopping done at least once a week.

I have read a couple of the novels by Sophie Kinsella,and it does gall me that they Americanised it-WTF??(No offence,Americans,but she is English,for goodness sake!)

But really,I just liked it for the frocks.....and coats,and shoes,,and colours,and fun accessories......I'm just a sucker,obviously......

G reckons that Renee Zellweger and Hugh Grant were probably the first casting choices.

Hmmm,he could be right.

Young Hugh Dancy ain't too bad,I guess.

I'd like to play in here!

Great cape!

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And in 1989....

.....I was looking like this:

This was the year I moved to New Zealand;as soon as I got here,I dyed my hair black,much to my parents despair!!!
I lived for 10 months in Dunedin,and briefly played bass in a band,but I was shite! And I couldn't be arsed practising,as it was so boring!
Actually,I just realised that the above right pic is from mid 1990,when I was living in the Old Mill,a haven for musos/freaks/artists in Christchurch.The coat I am wearing is leather,and was 1 pound from a Greenwich,London chazza shop.I don't have that anymore,I outgrew it,and swapped it with a friend for an amazing red vinyl one.(You'll get to see that over winter,no doubt.)

Wish I still had this coat,above.I still have bits of the necklace.It was made up of 2 necklaces I had picked up on my first trip to London.

The next 3 pics are from a "fashion" shoot that was also filmed for a short lived Dunedin programme called Life In The Fridge Exists.I was one of only about 5 Goths in town(and surely the most fabulous!),and was approached as I was leaving the Empire,a legendary pub,to be in it.They were paying,so why not!!!?? They dressed me in all this white stuff from Plume,a rather posh shop,and I did my own hair and makeup.

I still have the gloves.
Can't remember where this was taken,some old ruined place,maybe on the Peninsula??

I rather like my eye makeup.That is my own necklace,which I still have,bought from an Antiques store on Stuart St,Dunedin.

The mask I am holding(upside down??)is by an amazing NZ artist,Donna Demente,who was also on this shoot.She is way talented,and I have a box and a brooch by her;they are prized possessions of mine.

I didn't particularly enjoy living in Dunedin.Too many hills,too cold(I had just come from Australia),too small,seething with mildew.I moved to Christchurch in January 1990.
And here I stayed!

Prim & Proper

Good morning,people!!
I feel ever so prim & proper in this frock from Andrea's vintage sale.
Fits like a dream!
It's pissing down out there,apparently we are going to be having heavy rains,potentially flooding.Well,at least I'm warm and snuggly in the office! I'm not fond of driving in the rain;I'm quite able to adjust my driving to the conditions,but so many do not,and I worry that some twit is going to cause me trouble!
The colder weather makes me hungry-I've already eaten my lunch.Never mind,I have a "pantry"drawer,where I keep all manner of eatables......
Boris has probably worked his way in under the duvet by now,and has settled in for the day.He'll be all warm and floppy when I get home!Such a precious!
Shoes-Hannah's sale
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Decent Gig Pics!

All pics:Roger Grauwmeijer

Location:El Santo,Lyttleton
*Yes,I always sing with a glass of wine in my hand.It is my obligatary prop.Plus,wine losens up the vocal cords.

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As I said yesterday,I had coffee with the exceptionally gorgeous Andrea.We met at Ecetera,on Edgeware Rd,a vintage store/coffee shop.They have some lovely things,but tend to be hopelessly overpriced.I did however buy a coat........Anyhow,we did have a lovely big coffee each,and yapped like maniacs,then fueled on caffiene,decided to go out for quick opshop.....
I came home with these 3 frocks.The centre and right frock are modern,and 50's inspired.The centre one is going to get a makeover.I feel it needs some pink ric rac and ribbon trim to give it some oomph,and make it unidentifiable as a chain store frock.The one on the left is 70's-I wasn't too sure about the frilly chest bit,but Andrea convinced me that it didn't make my boobies dominate the world,and then G confirmed it by loving it.

This is what I wore.
Shoes-Andrea's vintage sale

So we come to Sunday.I had made a visit to the library during the week to stock up on books for one of our favourite things to do-sit in bed,drink coffee,and peruse coffee table books.Usually we look at interior design book,but we've read ours,and the library ones, to death,so I got a pile of fashion books,and a cookbook.I love cookbooks,especially beautifully presented ones with flash photography.I
A little later we did one of our other favourite things-went to a local open home.We've probably been in at least 40% of the neighbourhood houses,just being nosy parkers!!!
Then we popped across the road to take a couple of outfit pics.This is the coat I bought yesterday.

Frock-the divine Vix
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-Trade Me,maybe vintage.
Necklace-gift from G