And in 1989....

.....I was looking like this:

This was the year I moved to New Zealand;as soon as I got here,I dyed my hair black,much to my parents despair!!!
I lived for 10 months in Dunedin,and briefly played bass in a band,but I was shite! And I couldn't be arsed practising,as it was so boring!
Actually,I just realised that the above right pic is from mid 1990,when I was living in the Old Mill,a haven for musos/freaks/artists in Christchurch.The coat I am wearing is leather,and was 1 pound from a Greenwich,London chazza shop.I don't have that anymore,I outgrew it,and swapped it with a friend for an amazing red vinyl one.(You'll get to see that over winter,no doubt.)

Wish I still had this coat,above.I still have bits of the necklace.It was made up of 2 necklaces I had picked up on my first trip to London.

The next 3 pics are from a "fashion" shoot that was also filmed for a short lived Dunedin programme called Life In The Fridge Exists.I was one of only about 5 Goths in town(and surely the most fabulous!),and was approached as I was leaving the Empire,a legendary pub,to be in it.They were paying,so why not!!!?? They dressed me in all this white stuff from Plume,a rather posh shop,and I did my own hair and makeup.

I still have the gloves.
Can't remember where this was taken,some old ruined place,maybe on the Peninsula??

I rather like my eye makeup.That is my own necklace,which I still have,bought from an Antiques store on Stuart St,Dunedin.

The mask I am holding(upside down??)is by an amazing NZ artist,Donna Demente,who was also on this shoot.She is way talented,and I have a box and a brooch by her;they are prized possessions of mine.

I didn't particularly enjoy living in Dunedin.Too many hills,too cold(I had just come from Australia),too small,seething with mildew.I moved to Christchurch in January 1990.
And here I stayed!


a cat of impossible colour said...

How cool! You look great.

I am rocking a chipmunk look at the moment - the entire right side of my face is swollen and distorted. Think I should blog it? Haha!

Camelia Crinoline said...

I love these pictures. Your eye makeup looks amazing. Surely you were the most fabulous person living in Dunedin at that time!

Vintage Vixen said...

You absolutely gorgeous thing! You look amazing. You must have been the most fabulous person in town.
Honestly, I'm lost for words!

Sak said...

omg!! this is so nice.

Miss Smilla said...

You look amazing! Great coat too - and I know the Greenwich charity shops well as I live close by. You can still occasionally find a great coat if you are lucky - a friend of mine found a wonderful 1970s green flared coat there recently. But not for £1 though, times have changed!

Disco Goth said...

WOW you look amazing! The leather coat was a proper find wasn't it?


Cazz said...

These photos just blew my mind. You look amazeballs. I hope you'll continue to post pictures of your earlier goth fashion. LOVE IT!

Lucy Nation said...

I have only just seen this post. Thank goodness for Linkwithin! You look absolutely stunning. You're make up is a work of art in itself. I have just bought a magazine that made me think of you. I've blogged about it. More photos of your bass playing goth days please!! xxxx