Baskets of Joy

Here are the contents of 2 of the baskets that live upon my bookshelf,that heave with handbags......
Ah,the satisfaction of knowing I have a handbag in almost any colour,size,shape;evening or daytime to suit my requirements!
They don't take up too much room,are easily and cheaply procured,and never talk back.
Below are just 3 of my favourites:

Pink & pretty! I think this cost me $2,a fab score from one of my fave opshops! I've only used it once!LOL!But I adore it! 1960's,I think.

This darling clutch is quite old,no idea what era,and handstitched.I love the feel of it,how delicate it is.I have used this one quite a bit.Doesn't hold a lot though.Cost:$1,can't remember where.

I haven't used this one at all either!Another $2 bargain!It is just too cute.I almost took it to that wedding in April,but opted for the vinatge cane one with red handle & straps.Love the raffia embroidery.No idea if it is modern or old.
I change my handbags all the time.I try to stick to one for work,as it is such a pain to move everything over,and I am forever leaving my cell phone,or lipsticks in one and forgetting which one.But I adore them,they are so much fun,and as I am rather matchy-matchy,imperative to my being!


Alex said...

The black clutch is amazing, all that detail! I wish I could find decent handbags when I go rummaging for bargains but they're always nasty modern shiny things, gargh!

giddynici said...

You certainly do have one for any occassion. The little pink one is just sweet as! x

Smashingbird said...

I love the pink one, chain straps are too fab!

Miss Smilla said...

A very impressive bag collection, and the pink one is just divine!

prettyneons said...

such a great dose of colour! I feel wide awake now haha
prettyneons x