Berry Nice

Wow,my broadband is smokin' this morning!!Awesome!
We had a very pleasant Saturday-it was rainy,after a brief outing to return Si & Nix's car,we were cosy doing housey things all afternoon.....
Boots-70's,Trade Me

G was painting out the back,and despite my yelling"I'm taking photos!",he still barged his way in!Just being a monkey!

After dropping off Si & Nix's car,I persuaded G to go to Brighton,which is just handy to their place,to get some veges at the Funky Pumpkin.Which happens to be handy to Savemart.Into which it seemed sensible to go.Of course.Found some fab bright red peeptoes,3 cardi's(yes,an obsession)and a brand new sports bra.(Yes,I can be sporty!In fact,I used to be a squash fiend,until injuries put me off.I'm quite aggressive on the courst,and tend to hit walls & fall over a lot.)Savemarts aren't as cheap as opshops,but are good for basics,and a few good deals.This all set me back about $30.But as a new cardi is anywhere from $25 up,I ain't complaining.
I spent the afternoon tidying up my sewing/dressing room.It gets pretty chaotic in there. I am having a local blogger wine & cheese afternoon next Saturday,and want to hold it in here,so that is a good reason to sort it out a bit.Today I will vacuum.Now that is a shocking sight to behold.At least to G!!

G kept popping in,making useful comments about the extent of my....wardrobe.And pouring me wine,so I can't really complain!
Crap,I must finish my curtains.They have been in a half-finished state for around 3 years.Bugger.Actually,I am forever leaving things "nearly" done.I just get so enthusiatic about my next project.....I'm about to dig out a suit I started for G 4/5 years ago.......he's been very good about it,but the time has come..................


CalamityJem said...

I love the look of your abode, it's FABULOUS!

Helga! said...


Vintage Vixen said...

I really need to get a flight over and rummage in your all looks so fabulous.
I don't know how our vacuum works, shock horror, it's men's work in our house.
Love, love, loving the green tights and floral frock and a great shopping haul, too, you fabulous creature.

Disco Goth said...

Oh I do like that room, one day I might have a room I can give over to such pursuits!
The flowery dress looks brilliant with the tights and the shorter length suits you xx