Black & White

More family pics.Now I'm onto scanning,they'll be pretty regular.Let me know if you get bored!
I love the frock Mummy is wearing on the left.She was rarely seen in frocks,prefering pants all her life.She looks damn hot in these togs!Stylie!!
Clearly,Daddy is taking this pic,left.I love that I am reaching out to him.On the right-I still have this teddy.His name is Gutless Wonder.
I cried when I couldn't fit the gingham number anymore.Doesn't Mummy's hair look fab!?On the right, I don't look to disimilar to how I dress today!I must be regressing!!!
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KibitzKnitz said...

Not boring at all! I love historical photos, so interesting to see history through family pics.

CalamityJem said...

I promised my mum I'd scan all the old family photos on to my compy, so that every family member could have a copy once I'm done. I've been procrastinating as per usual but you've inspired me to make a start :)
Thank you!

Vintage Vixen said...

You look so much like your mummy in the top left hand snap that it's uncanny! What a fabulous figure she had, too.
You were such a cutie and that dress and boots combo are divine, wouldn't you just love to have that combo in adult size?
Gutless Wonder! My bears had silly names, too, Skinny Ribs and Toasted Teacake were my faves.
Keep the photos coming, I love them!

giddynici said...

That gingham dress is wonderful.... I'm not surprised you cried. I'd wear that now. Love your teddy bears name!!! x

Alex said...

Share more of them Helga, I love family photos, especially of stylish, interesting people and you definitely qualify on both counts :)

Smashingbird said...

You looked adorable in the little gogo boots!

Helga! said...

Toasted Teacake?!How divine!!!
I intend to share many more pics.They are just too lovely and memorable not to!C'mon,Jem,get those photos scanned so we can enjoy them too!!

Disco Goth said...

I WANT your outfit in the last pic, and what amazing boots!