As I said yesterday,I had coffee with the exceptionally gorgeous Andrea.We met at Ecetera,on Edgeware Rd,a vintage store/coffee shop.They have some lovely things,but tend to be hopelessly overpriced.I did however buy a coat........Anyhow,we did have a lovely big coffee each,and yapped like maniacs,then fueled on caffiene,decided to go out for quick opshop.....
I came home with these 3 frocks.The centre and right frock are modern,and 50's inspired.The centre one is going to get a makeover.I feel it needs some pink ric rac and ribbon trim to give it some oomph,and make it unidentifiable as a chain store frock.The one on the left is 70's-I wasn't too sure about the frilly chest bit,but Andrea convinced me that it didn't make my boobies dominate the world,and then G confirmed it by loving it.

This is what I wore.
Shoes-Andrea's vintage sale

So we come to Sunday.I had made a visit to the library during the week to stock up on books for one of our favourite things to do-sit in bed,drink coffee,and peruse coffee table books.Usually we look at interior design book,but we've read ours,and the library ones, to death,so I got a pile of fashion books,and a cookbook.I love cookbooks,especially beautifully presented ones with flash photography.I
A little later we did one of our other favourite things-went to a local open home.We've probably been in at least 40% of the neighbourhood houses,just being nosy parkers!!!
Then we popped across the road to take a couple of outfit pics.This is the coat I bought yesterday.

Frock-the divine Vix
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-Trade Me,maybe vintage.
Necklace-gift from G


Sak said...

aww..u girls rock!!! Its been a while since I visited yre blog. thanks for yre sweet comment.

Vintage Vixen said...

Lucky Andrea, getting to go shopping with you!!! What an epic outfit and amazing finds, too especially the frilly number.
That green rose print dress fits you a treat, perfect length and everything...vintage C&A, who needs Ossie Clark?

Alex said...

The green dress is just lovely!

Have you seen Sophie Dahl's cookbook? Beautiful recipes, photos & general layout and I love her writing style - it feels like much more than just a cookbook.

vintage birdy said...

i love the green dress! and your colourful tights :D thanks for visiting my blog btw! :) i shall link you!

{no, it's not about birds}

Disco Goth said...

You do colour better than ANYONE!
I love fashion books, my favourites are the Biba ones, one day I'm going to replicate everything in them!


Miss Smilla said...

You have such a fun, unique style and put together colours so well!