Fantabulous Friday!

G and I stopped by the river on the way home;this is just around the corner from our house.It wasn't too cold,but now,2 hours later,it is coming over rather grey,and I understand we are in for an Arctic blast tonight!
Our gig is tonight,so I plan on a little nap after some lunch.Then a few red wines whilst I get ready.First gig is an acoustic set in an art gallery,then it's over to Lyttleton for the main event.I'm not nervous at all,I'm gagging for it! I just have to finalise what I am going to wear! I have 2 ideas in mind,but who knows what will happen when I start getting dressed!!

I washed my hair last night,loaded it with some volumising stuff,blow dried it some,then tied it up with a couple of hair ties overnight.Yay-I have quite wavy,poofy hair today!

Frock-opshopped and customised
Tights-Trade Me
Shoes-Wild Pair
When we came home,there was a parcel from someone very special on the doorstep.......
It most certainly is a Fantabulous Friday!


CalamityJem said...

What a lovely pink dress!
I love getting parcels, especially when you don't know what's inside before you open :)

Camelia Crinoline said...

Love your coat. I heard that it's meant to snow sometime today. Have a great time at your gig tonight.

t said...

That pink is super cute!

Kel said...

I love your wavy, poofy hair!! :)

And fab getting a parcel, looks like some lovely goodies.

X x

Vintage Vixen said...

The hair's looking fabulous darling! Loving the pink frock and white tights, too.
Looking forward to seeing Loafer in action very soon.

Alex said...

Your hair looks lovely!! And look at all those fab treats. Can't wait to see you in the green print dress.

Helga! said...

You all rock!