Inside to Outside

I'm not as shitty about the weather today.I guess I'm resigned to it.
I had to go out for my 5 weekly wax appointment this morning,and then do some groceries,so I decided to perk up the world by dressing brightly.
Our car tends to mist up a lot when driving in the rain,which is bloody irritating,but I wasn't going to let that put me off my mission,which was to include a quick stop at Cranford St Savemart.

I scored 2 summer frocks,a blue cardi and a sweet hippy-ish belt for someone dear to me whom I think will like it.Most excellent.Then to the supermarket.Crazy busy,but no fecking idiots to spoil it for me-a miracle!

Currently I am preparing a chicken and cranberry casserole to take out to our friends Gill & Wayne's place tonight.They live just past Loburn-the country-so we are going in the Kombi,and will stay the night.We are stocked with booze,and a chickpea dip I made earlier,and cornchips,and of course,a hot water bottle.It is Wayne's birthday tomorrow,he doesn't know we are coming.Surprise!We will probably get a little plonkered,listen to music,talk shit and stuff our faces.
I just heard G telling Boris that we are out tonight,no heater,no mink blankie-he'll have to tough it out in his own fur coat!!!Poor baby! I'd love to take him with us,but they have a huge butch cat called Keith-think of a biker called Mary and you have the right idea-who would probably rape my little boy and then eat him!Can't risk it!!

I have to get changed into suitable country wear.That is,long frock & a tiara.
I'm not joking.
Today I wore:
Coat-vintage,swapped with a friend for the leather one I was wearing in my goth pics the other day
Beret-Madame Butterfly's
Frock-vintage,Trade Me
Bow-made by me
Tights-no idea
Shoes-K-Mart sale
Enjoy your Saturdays,lovelies!!


Nefertiti said...

je suis fan !

bon w end ;O)

Roo Paprika said...

The shoes! With the tights! Adore it.

Hope Boris manages to tuff it out xx

Vintage Vixen said...

How utterly fabulous! I love you in green an that coat is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
Poor ol' Boris but at least he's being spared the delights of butch Keith and he wouldn't thank you for that.
Have a fabulous time and I can just see you in the frock and tiara out in the countryside.

Disco Goth said...

Oh, that coat was well worth the swap wasn't it?
Have a lovely time in the country and I hope it isn't too cold!


Louise said...

Looking great as always, and I love that handbag. I have one similar, but without the red... I prefer yours lol!

Helga! said...

You'll be seeing a bit more of this coat over winter!! It IS the bomb!!