Let me....

....brighten your day!Well,I brightened up everyones elses day today,according to the many people who complimented me.How sweet!!

Another early morning shot!
Tights-Farmers,I think

Last night was Monday Mexican Madness.We'd had such a cruisey day,we decided to treat ourselves to a few shots of 1800 over our Mexican dinner.(bean burritos and corn/avocado salad)Well,Tex/Mex,really.As 1800 is quite potent,& expensive,we don't open it very often.And we only buy it duty free.In fact,all tequila is expensive in NZ.How rude.Mmmmmm........just the ticket for a Monday night!
vix ,this is the necklace I broke whilst we were chatting.Now to be fixed.Bugger.


Vintage Vixen said...

Gorgeous necklace! No wonder you swore when you bust it.
It's getting a bit weird, I keep tuning in to your blog only to discover we've got the same colour tights on....s'pose it's only to be expected, you freaky twin!
Your dinner looks awesome, just remember that I like a plain plate. Booze is mega-cheap here, no wonder the country's in such a mess...
Love 'n' Kisses,

Camelia Crinoline said...

Love all the pink. Farmers tights are great, I'm pretty sure I have the same ones as you.

Kel said...

That food looks so good! and the tequilla is a great 'side' :)
I want pink tights now after you and Vix both sported them...

X x

Alex said...

Ooh look at how fab your legs are in those pink tights!

Disco Goth said...

The red scarf is so glam! I wouldn't be too happy if I broke that necklace, hope you can fix it ok. I might have to replicate that food, it looks yummy, I'd be offspring no 2s favourite mum if I made that!


Dusk said...

Aaarrggghhhh!! [that's a good noise!]. love love LOVE your look! I love bold colours together. You look fabulous!

Ivy Black said...

Cheers, Lovely!

Helga! said...

I think we all love pink tights!!!Hurrah!
Thanks for the lovely words,Dusk.
DG-the scarf is just chiffon,with a narrow overlocker hem!And,it's dark pink,but does look red in photos!
yeah,Vix.Stop questioning our freaky twin-ness!!xxx

Miss Smilla said...

Love the big, bold flowers and all the pink tones!