So off we went to Loburn late yesterday afternoon.......

As I said,I am wearing a long frock....

And I tucked a tiara under the front of my hat.

Gypsy-ish earrings!

Well rugged up for the journey.Thank goodness the Kombi's heater works nowadays......
Frock-70's maxi,opshopped
Coat-gift from Justine
Necklace-gift from G

Pretty dreary out there!

And we arrive!

We spent a splendid evening,had a great dinner,then adjourned to the lounge with drinkies.....Wayne whipped out the blender somewhere around midnight.....despite having scarfed a great many vodka/oranges, fruity margaritas sounded like a brillant idea.G wasn't so silly.I should have remembered what happened at New Year the year before last.....but I didn't until today.


He here Keith!He is an enormous butch boy,but ever so squishy.He knows I'm a soft touch.
I don't remember this photo being taken.....I am wearing a different frock(what I took to wear home today)as I managed to pour an entire margarita over myself.Wouldn't be the first time,won't be the last.These glasses are Gillians.She has had them since she was a teenager,and I tried all night to get her to give them to me.

I was about to stagger off to bed,feck knows when,when Gillian decided she had to watch "Paranormal Activity".She really did have to,as she is off to Wellington on Tuesday for a week of workshops and tutoring*.So I hopped into bed with her and her youngest,Izzy(would have been Iggy if she was a boy)and we watched it.Hmmm.It's supposed to be really scary.But I didn't think so.Gill had to watch it as she is tutoring on low budget film making,and it is a fine example of that.

So I am suffering today,with yet another hangover.Tsk tsk,you say.

*Gillian is my oldest Christchurch friend,and she is a writer/director.She has one feature film under her belt,Snakeskin ,and quite a few short films and documentaries.She has been working exclusively on doco's the last 5 years,as she has had 2 children,but now is starting to get herself back out there.She has 2 feature film scripts on the go,one of which is in early stages of production.Next week she has workshops at the NZ Film Comission,all geared towards getting her script into the next stage,and also does tutoring for them.She is a clever,clever girl!Her doco on Ernest Rutherford is nearly finished,and she manages this all with a 5 and 3 year old,a small farm,piles of animals and her Wayne!Arrrrgh! She is a powerhouse,and an inspiration!


piglet said...

Love the tiara under the hat, what a cute idea!

Disco Goth said...

Right, that's IT - I'm coming to your house to confiscate ALL your coats! Sounds like a brilliant night but boo hiss to the hangover.


Roo Paprika said...

Loving the hat! Feel better soon x

Vintage Vixen said...

Keith rocks!!
Thought you'd got a turban on there, my fabulous friend. Love the tiara under the hat, tres exotic! The dress, jewellery and coat are all utterly gorgeous, of course I expect nothing less.
Hope the hangover's on the way out, I've had a permanent one since Friday, bleeding bank holiday weekends.

Nefertiti said...

fan de la robe verte et du chat,trop mignonnnnn


bon dimanche

Helga! said...

Thanks,ladies!!Hangover is much better now!!