This one time at band practice..........
Nix was looking mighty fine....
And rather rock n' roll.......
And also rather sexy!
I was accidentally channeling a little Cyndi Lauper,it seems.
I got the waistcoat off Trade Me.Something different for my wardrobe.
Blouse-70's pussy bow,opshopped
Tights cut off & made into stockings as they were too freakin' small!(Asian"large")
Boots-ancient,from my Goth days,dug out of a crate.
Hot band boys.Darrly is starting to feel the effect of Scotch & beer.

I'm feeling pretty good after a few banditos & vodka/tonics.
Random shots with the timer.

Boris gets a cuddle.Good thing he's deaf.Mind you,living with us has probably had a bit to do with that!
Get away from my wine........!!!
"Yay!I have to get up & go to work in the morning!!!"
We had a bit of a shitter,actually.Technical hiccups,wobbly performances here & there.Better at practice though,than on the night!!!
Si has taught me some basic keys for 1 song.I look like I know what I'm doing,but the reality is........well,a bit wonky!!!LOL!! I feel like a cool muso though.Yeah,I play keyboards........just don't worry about the wrong notes,I do them on purpose.......!!


Camelia Crinoline said...

So now I need to find a skirt with buttons up the back. Those are buttons right? You can never go wrong channeling Cyndi Lauper even if it's by accident. Love the goth boots.

Anonymous said...

OMG Cindi Lauper.... I used to admire her record cover so much when I was a kid..... Have you seen pics of her lately,,, she is ageless!

Disco Goth said...

You and Nix look rather smashing! Band practice looks fun =) xx

Alex said...

Nix's skirt is amazing - wasn't expecting those glorious buttons up the back.

ps - Can I steal Boris? He has the most wonderful paws.

Vintage Vixen said...

You ladies look HOT!!!! Like Alex I just love Boris's cut paws, they're so big and squidgey and Stephen wants to lick them.
Looks like you had a blast, can't wait to check out the Loafer sound but I have to buy speakers first...boo!
Speak soon, my love.

Helga! said...

Isn't my Boris just the sweetest little boy!?Hahahaha,no stealing,Alex!You may come & play,however!!!
Vix,Boris would love for Stephen to lick his paws.He's gone all twitchy just thinking about it!!
Camelia,those are buttons on the back of Nix's skirt.She did look soooo good.She was most obliging about having to pose!
Dollhouse Ghost,no,I haven't seen pics of Cyndi lauper in ages.I do believe she still puts out albums.I didn't like her way back when,I preferred Madonna,but I do have an appreciation of her now!