Positively Heaving!

Crikey!Frocked up for a mid-week band practice last night.....G sweetly indulged me & took some pics........I'm sure that is why my bosom is struggling to escape my frock.Down,girls!!
Pink & green,my favourite colour combination.I'm just a flower.....
Tights-green fishnets from who knows where
Shoes-Trade Me

Hair-freshly washed,not yet brushed.

Last episode of Project Runway tonight.We are woefully behind the rest of the world,not sure what season this is,really.It is the one reality show I really enjoy,I suppose in part because I sew.
Oddly warm this evening,maybe we'll get snow?!Winter is dragging the chain this year.Makes me worry that when it does come,it won't go away!I'm really more of a summer girl.Still,there are things about winter I do enjoy.
They are:
2:Electric blankets

O,and soup,hot chocolate,whisky macs,coats.....

What I don't like are:
1:Being cold
2:Having to wear hats.Not a huge fan.
3:Boris clinging to me like velcro.O,hang on,he does that anyway!But worse in winter.

I plan to get wifi shortly,so I can sit in bed,with my electric blanket on,Boris on top of me,whisky mac in hand,blogging and blithering.......mmmmm,doesn't sound too bad,does it?


Camelia Crinoline said...

Love the pink and green and the shoes. I can't decide who I want to win Project Runway, they're all good designers but Carol Hannah seems like the sweetest one. I actually like Winter (as long as my feet stay warm) it probably has something to do with my obsession with gloves.

Alex said...

Ooh don't spoil Project Runway for me please!! I think they're showing series 7 at the mo over here but only on Sky One. I don't have Sky so I'm way behind the times watching series 4 (I think) on Sky 3 which they kindly allow the poor folk with normal tv to watch. It's the one with Carol Hannah in anyway - hope she wins!

You look ace in pink. And what's that about hating hats? I spy a beret on your head!

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh, what a glorious outfit...I haven't got any green tights and need some now (or big boobs but I reckon the tights are more affordable).
The whole thing is a triumph and what the heck's wrong with a hat? They're a godsend for hiding rootage!
Winter lovelies: Log fires, jacket spuds, red wine, fake fur coats, long socks and big boots.
Winter nasties: Red noses and blue-y white skin, no car boot sales and the gas bill.
Project Runway - I've only caught a few 'cos we've only got terrestrial telly...YouTube's too darn slow.
Speak very very soon 'cos I'm missing ya!

giddynici said...

You look fabulous in pink. Would never have thought of teaming it with that green either but it works a treat. x

Helga! said...

Do see my note on my new post re hats!

Disco Goth said...

That hat is completely brilliant on you. Hats are fab, you can have as many bad hair days as you want!