Prim & Proper

Good morning,people!!
I feel ever so prim & proper in this frock from Andrea's vintage sale.
Fits like a dream!
It's pissing down out there,apparently we are going to be having heavy rains,potentially flooding.Well,at least I'm warm and snuggly in the office! I'm not fond of driving in the rain;I'm quite able to adjust my driving to the conditions,but so many do not,and I worry that some twit is going to cause me trouble!
The colder weather makes me hungry-I've already eaten my lunch.Never mind,I have a "pantry"drawer,where I keep all manner of eatables......
Boris has probably worked his way in under the duvet by now,and has settled in for the day.He'll be all warm and floppy when I get home!Such a precious!
Shoes-Hannah's sale
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Alex said...

Ooh the polka dot dress is all kinds of wonderfulness!

Vintage Vixen said...

Sexy schoolmarm! Loving that pussybow, Granny bag and white tights...classy but naughty!!!
Does Boris like climbing down the sleeve of your coat and snuggling up in it? It's Stephen's favourite trick.
Hope you're well stocked in the Cup-A-Soup department!

piglet said...

The dress looks lovely, very pretty colour. And the white tights look so perfect with it.

Ivy Black said...

Looking good! It might be cold and wet, but I've left you a lovely warm award over at mine.

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Purple is certainly your colour, and I love those shoes :)

Helga! said...

Thank you,ladies,I got loads of compliments at work too-something about this dress just works!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Ooh! It looks great. Love it!