Shabby Chic!!!

Ralph & I went to the last Shabby Chic Market of the season this morning. We went over to Si & Nix's first to pick up the car, as we got a ride home after getting plastered at band practice last night. As Ralph & were getting ready to go, G and Nix said "Happy shopping" whereupon I said, "O,I'm not planning on buying anything, I just wanna hang out." I really thought I sounded-and I did feel-quite sincere. I assure you, my intentions were honourable. Ahem.
Here I am, as Ralph and I were leaving, with 2 new bags; inside the tan one is a frock and a couple of magazines. Yes, well.
Frock-vintage, opshopped
Handbag(far right)-vintage, opshopped
Boots-vintage, Trade Me
Flower in hair-made by my darling vix
The market is held at this dear old villa in Woolston.

It was bigger than last time, and more stalls, but not as crowded, which was nice.
Ralph jamming a pastry into his mouth.
I bumped into the wonderful Deidre, ofstash-rehash. I was hoping to see sweet camelia, but either missed her or she didn't make it in the end.
My loot. Forgot to turn the pic around, sorry! The frock is actually big on me, which doesn't happen very often!
So, last night we had band practice. Look how fabulous Nix looks. She just scored this jacket off her Auntie. She's doing quite well lately, getting goodies passed on from both her Auntie & me!

I forgot to get a frock shot before we left. I was already quite plonked, and I'm not sure what I was checking out here, but I look engrossed.
Frock-60's, opshopped years ago


Camelia Crinoline said...

We must've missed each other. Looks like you scored some good things though. Love the colour of the dress.
And that green dress you're wearing is amazing.

Vintage Vixen said...

Yeah the felt flower made it to the other side of the world! I'm just catching up on everything I've missed you gorgeous creature you...what finds, I'm green with envy.
Speak soon,

Cat said...

What a lovely day!

Your dress is adorable :)

Sak said...

I am going to the flee market soon..I too wanna have some fun..i will till my allergies to go away..lovely finds and u look lovely ..

Roo Paprika said...

That floral dress is so wonderful! I wish we had more little markets and thrifting opportunities like that round here, it all seems to be mainly discarded high street garb, sadly.

Got to say that your friend's villa is a beauty, I adore timberframed and weatherboarded buildings. sadly I fear it is too cold here in the UK for me to ever get to live in one.

Deidre in Interwebland said...

It was so lovely to meet you - even worth getting caught out in public in my dusting frock and without my lippy!

Helga! said...

O,Deirdre,you looked gorgeous!
Roo,it's too cole to live in these type of buildings here too!!!!

Tilly Trotter said...

Love the black and floral handbag and the maroon/turquoise colour combo