Style Icons-Fuzzbox!

O yeah,these are some funky babes!!! Fuzzbox(full band name:We've got a Fuzzbox and we're gonna use it)were cruisin around in the 80's,making joyous fuzzy music for the masses.
The ozone layer?These girls are responsible.Just look at their hair!!!
They look happy,don't they??Tripping out,more like!All those hair laquer chemicals they've been breathing in must have pushed them over the edge!Wahoo!
They had a love affair with polyester and fabulously exaggerated makeup,too.I reckon Divine would have enjoyed raiding their wardrobes.Ooo,they should have done a song with her!Imagine!
The chickie on the left has my necklace!Bitch! I like her look,though.It's the pink.Layers of it.Like a big pink lamington.
I used to have their album(I think they only did one??)and also a 12" of something that had the most incredible version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" on the b-side.It was bent,thoroughly bent.I loved it,I thrashed it for years,and would play it until G started grinding his teeth,and I eventually gave it to a lovely young friend,cos if I hadn't,G was gonna break it,and it was far too good to wind up in the rubbish!
Speaking of cover versions,I usually despise them,unless they show a certain amount of ingenuity.A fine example of a loser cover was the Bores(sorry,Corrs)version of "Dreams"Honestly.But a fine example of how brillantly one can be done,and even surpass the original,is Devo's version of "Satisfaction".Has anyone heard it??I freakin' love it;think it is far superior than the original,and would love to know if the Stones ever heard it and what they thought of it.
Anyhow,I think I have been on a bit of an 80's bender lately.I usually feel a bit embarrassed about being a teenager then,and frequently have the urge to apologise for tube skirts,fluro,Haircut 100,plastic earrings,buckle boots........but,the youth of today seem to think it's all rather cool,so who am I to argue??
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Miss Peelpants said...

Love. Love love love. LOVE!!!!

I've been meaning to blog about the Fuzzbox ladies properly for a while, but there are so few decent images out there. Thank you for doing it!!

And they're making a comeback this year. Too awesome.

Alex said...

Wow, check out those barnets! How on earth did their poor hair survive?!

Miss Smilla said...

What a blast from the past, and such a colourful start to my day! I think the 1980s were the best time ever to be a teenager - if I could still get away with wearing a rara skirt, I'd be wearing one right now. And don't even get me started on the music ... wonderful tunes!

Helga! said...

Ooo,how cool if they DO make a comeback!!They'll be wearing wigs,I bet!!!

KibitzKnitz said...

DEVO!! Yep, I prefer their version of 'Satisfaction', but sadly have never known the Fuzzbox ladies until now!

Disco Goth said...

You know how I feel about Fuzzbox!!
There was so much bad about the 80s, you know, the clothes, the music, but I've recently realised that there was a lot of good stuff too, you find it buried under the mainstream.
So finally I can say I like the 80s =)