2nd post today! Rampant!!
Popped out to fill up the car, and do a few errands. It has been the most amazing day, sunny and warm, and the ducks are frisking around the river! I got 4 compliments while I was out & about!How very satisfying!!!
Posing in front of my clothes rack, sun streaming in! I vacuumed! Yes! I t was rather energetic and did my stomach muscles no end of good!
Frock-Trade Me
Orange tights-K Mart
White large "whale nets"-Trade Me
hair flower-Riccarton Market


CalamityJem said...

Yowza, check you out gal!
Fantastic outfit, I love it!

Alex said...

How amazing do the tights & fishnets look?? Love them!

Tilly Trotter said...

Tights and fishnets look great. You look zingy, like a glass of buck's fizz

Vintage Vixen said...

Ducks frisking about, they're at it round here,'s the spring sunshine.
Amazingly fabulous outfit, you'd go a treat with Gylbert and two posts in one day? You're spoiling me.

Louise said...

wow... uber bright and sunny lady. You look fabulous!

Disco Goth said...

Orange is very much not my favourite colour but I'd SO wear that outfit!

Flaming Red said...

Yay Nettie - gorgeous! You reminded me just how much I love orange.

Nefertiti said...

I am appreciative of your original being kept a large complex with because of my pounds, I really want t you look beautiful!