True Confessions 5

Um,we watched "Confessions of a Shopaholic"last night.
How appropriate!

(I love, this outfit!)

I shouldn't be apologetic,nor slightly embarrassed,I know.I quite enjoyed it,I must say.I do enjoy the odd trashy,schmaltzy,soppy,cheesey movie,much to my shame.I mean,I liked "Notting Hill"!!!! And that's cringe worthy!

It was light and bubbly,and the costumes are fab and bright,Kristen Scott Thomas is amazing,as usual,and whats-her-face,Irma?Irene? ILA!! is jolly amusing,and I can soooo spot that she is an Aussie.(There is a particular humour)There's a great dancing scene.

Now,I'm no label whore,in fact,I couldn't give a shit about labels at all,apart from being able to recognise the odd vintage one,and I do like to see what designers are doing......and in this movie she is stupidly wasting money on labels!! I can relate,as in so far as I am an opshopaholic,and get very stressed if I don't get some opshopping done at least once a week.

I have read a couple of the novels by Sophie Kinsella,and it does gall me that they Americanised it-WTF??(No offence,Americans,but she is English,for goodness sake!)

But really,I just liked it for the frocks.....and coats,and shoes,,and colours,and fun accessories......I'm just a sucker,obviously......

G reckons that Renee Zellweger and Hugh Grant were probably the first casting choices.

Hmmm,he could be right.

Young Hugh Dancy ain't too bad,I guess.

I'd like to play in here!

Great cape!

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Miss Claire said...


I love your blog!

I also suffer withdrawal symptoms if I haven't been in a week or two. Sometimes I make excuses to go out purely so I can hit the Op-shops...-I remember when I once claimed that I needed drive 15 minutes to KMart (A supermarket wouldn't do!)to buy batteries for my camera, just so I could 'conveniently' drop into the good Op-shops on my way back! haha!

And I enjoyed this movie too!


Vintage Vixen said...

Isla Fisher, star of Aussie soap Home and Away and real-life wife of Sasha Baron Cohen (Ali G, Borat..)!
I saw this on the plane, couldn't really hear it but very colourful!
Yep, I'm all angsty if I go a week without a chazza shop/boot sale/jumble fix!

The Spooky Dolly said...

I adored this film,,, in fact I've seen it twice, and read the book. My mother even named her iPhone "Isla"......after the actress :)

Kel said...

Not seen this film, but I do like Notting Hill, cheese fest though it is.

Her outfits are amazing though, and I love her hair, and her shoe collection.

X x

Vintage Obsession said...

I totally love her style in the movie so chic , i am constantly living under the fear that i might turn into that character one day :)

vintage birdy said...

ooh! i love the cape!

giddynici said...

That film is fab but I'm totally with you on the Americanisation. How would they do the second book Shopaholic Abroad... she goes to live in America! x

Flaming Red said...

I WANT those clothes - or much cheaper versions of them. Dunno if I could cope with the movie tho.

Disco Goth said...

I love the shopaholic books and for that reason haven't seen the film, I might give it a go one day soon! I adore the first outfit too