True Confessions Part 4

I love Kylie Minogue!!!
Could be a fellow Aussie admiration,as I adore her cheeky Aussie irreverence,but whatever it is,I can't fight it!
It is slightly embarrassing,but since she did that song with Nick Cave,she has gained a little street cred. I was given a coffee table book on her a few years ago,and there's some fab pics.She does a great Marilyn Monroe.I haven't always liked her music-Locomation?I should be so lucky?HELLO?!My fave albums are Fever & the one with Spinning Around on it.There's a nice disco flavour going on,and I am a Disco Slut,after all!The more recent stuff I'm not so sure about,except for 2 hearts,as thats very glam rock/Goldfrappy.
Now,I particularly love her in the Agent Provocateur ad.It's almost enough to make a straight girl go gay!!!

This one would make G lose control.I don't think he should be allowed to view it.
I have a pair of Love Kylie panties,but my ass ain't this cute!!!



Alex said...

I don't think anyone in the world but Kylie has a bum that good! I find her just a tad too perky for my liking (in personality, not bum shape!).

Camelia Crinoline said...

I'm not much of a Kylie fan but I love Nick Cave and I had no idea that was her on Where the Wild Roses Grow until you metioned they did a song together and I looked it up. I like her slightly more now mostly because I love that song. And she does have a great ass.

Ivy Black said...


Vintage Vixen said...

Embarassing? Jon's only just got rid of his Kylie teeshirt and I've seen her in concert a couple of times, too!!! Is the book "Love, Kylie"...guess what? it's on my coffee table!
I do love "Spinning Around".
Hate the way's she's f**ked up her face with the ol' Botox, looks like a freaking waxwork and what's with the coathanger-phobia? Get a maid, girl!

Helga! said...

Jon!I would have loved the Kylie T-shirt!!!LOL!It is a great shame that she has plasticised her face,silly cow.