Our lovely friend,Ralph,flew in from Wellington last night for the weekend.He has a 40th birthday party to attend just around the corner from us,so it works out really well-he gets somewhere to stay near to the party,and we get to spend time with him!Win/win situation.
We hadn't seen Ralph since last year,so Ralph & I celebrated re-connecting over a bottle of bubbly while G was jamming with our mate Toby.Then we got stuck into some vodka/tonics and ended up rather wankered.Feeling a bit on the dodgy side-Ralph particularly,we went out for breakfast to the Holy Smoke in Woolston,a rather flash establishment.
A strong coffee and a fortifying breakfast,and we were ready to face the day.
Our fecking breakfast took so freaking long to come,I popped out to the local Salvation Army,which happens to be open Saturday mornings,and was rewarded with some loot!3 frocks(1 with matching waistcoat)and a 70's vinyl bag!Hurrah!
And would you believe breakfast still wasn't on the table when I got back?!So I entertained G and Ralph(and other patrons of the restaurant)by displaying my new wares.
We'll have to get some hair of the dog into Ralph before his party tonight,I feel.Not sure what we are up to,probably a band practice,but one of G's cousins is having a party,so we may go to that.We'll see!!

Frock-vintage,Andrea's sale
Tights-The Warehouse


Sak said...

You are shining and you look fabulous..say my hello to Ralph and G.

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

Score, score, score having envy right now and that dress from Andrea is lovely!!

piglet said...

At least your late breakfast came with some pretty lovely rewards, the dresses look gorgeous!

Helga! said...

Thank you Sak & Brian!x
Piglet,yeah,I wasn't quite as grumpy about the late breakfast as G was!!!I guess I was sated by shopping!!